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Remember when duck lips were a thing? People posted them all over Facebook and Instagram and you most likely you were one of them. Then, just like that, duck lips were out and were replaced by their archenemy, the fish gape.

Well, now it’s the nail industry’s turn. To counteract the popularity of coffin nails, stiletto nails and almond-shaped nails, duck nails have entered the scene. 

What Are Duck Nails?

Duck nails aren’t actually a new trend, but they’re making a comeback thanks to TikTok and other social media platforms.

They became somewhat popular in 2012 when Snooki from Jersey Shore wore the trend. Because of this, duck nails have also gone by the names Jersey nails, flared nails and fan tips.

The shape of the nail resembles a duck’s webbed foot, which is actually called a palmate. But “palmate nails” doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

The duck nails are also regularly decorated with elaborate designs such as Hello Kitty art, neon colors and rhinestones.

People Have Mixed Opinions

When it comes to this trend, people definitely have some thoughts, and it’s not surprising as to why.

These nails aren’t exactly cutesy or feminine; some might even call it “cheugy.” But, when it’s all said and done, who cares?! If you like them, and they make you happy, then do your thing!  

And don’t worry. Even if you hate duck nails, they most likely won’t be around for too long. TikTok trends comes and go. Who knows what the fall 2021 nail trend will be. Our money is on velvet nails, though.

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