I love monster movies. Yet the idea of a modern flick featuring giant insects having a PG-13 rating didn’t sound all that promising. And then I sat down and watched LOVE AND MONSTERS. Featuring Dylan O’Brien and Jessica Henwick, the Michael Matthews directed comedic adventure is far better than I’d ever have expected. With plenty of laughs and one of the biggest hearts of any feature I’ve seen this year, it’s one of the most charming flicks I’ve seen in a long time. Much of the charm comes from fantastic performances from its stars. And while I’ve always been a fan of O’Brien, this is by far my favorite performance from the actor. It’s a vulnerable, funny, and shockingly charming show, and I’m hoping for a sequel.

It’s always a joy to chat with Dylan. And while it was a first time meeting the lovely Ms. Henwick, conversing with these two was a wonderful thing. When it comes to O’Brien’s work, it was exciting to see the actor embrace his more sensitive and charming side. And yes, Jessica (Game of Thrones, The Matrix 4) made for a perfect love interest. The two discussed what was practical on the set when it came to the monsters on the screen – lots of cool beasties on display. As well, the chemistry between O’Brien and Henwick is undeniable. Although when Jessica said that she was having a great time on the set of THE MATRIX 4, let’s say that Dylan was a little jealous! I loved this fun and fast flick.  LOVE AND MONSTERS is a ridiculously entertaining good time and well worth seeking out. Look for it on your favorite streaming service and at selected theatres. Hell, this one might even get me to the drive-in!

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