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Did Ed Asner take his feud with Mary Tyler Moore to the grave? One tabloid claims Asner resented his co-star until his last day. Here’s what we know.

Ed Asner ‘Resented’ Mary Tyler Moore?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Ed Asner may have worked with Mary Tyler Moore on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but he was far from her biggest fan. While Asner brought home three Emmy Awards from his time on the show, he reportedly always felt overshadowed by Moore. An inside source dished, “Ed loved working on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and he made a lot of friends for life there. But Mary was a bit of an ice queen. She was often aloof and standoffish. “

The insider goes on, “Besides that, she was then-married to Grant Tinker, who ran MTM Enterprises and produced the show. Mary was not just ed’s co-star but his boss, as well. Ed resented that at first and always felt he had to prove himself!” The outlet notes that Asner once said he didn’t expect Moore’s performance to have such an impact when they first started working together. “At the time, I thought we were doing a cute little show,” Asner once said, “but when the accolades started coming in for her being a leader, Mary was happy to accept them.”

Ed Asner Mad At ‘Ice Queen’ Mary Tyler Moore’?

After looking into the claims, we found that this report is totally false. There was never any feud between Asner and Moore. In fact, they were quite close during their time as co-stars. And while Asner may have said that Moore was a “queen” that happily accepted accolades, he also said she completely deserved them.

“I knew from the start that Mary was tip-top — something special, as an actor and a boss. While she was working 10 to 12 hours a day, the rest of us were working eight at best. Mary did whatever was necessary to get the scene accomplished,” Asner said in that very same interview.

And after Moore’s passing in 2017, Asner told People, “She was a queen but, she never demonstrated queenly privileges. Her generosity was quite noted,” adding, “I was always pleased with the treatment and it was seven years of the yellow brick road. That’s how the Mary Tyler Moore show went.”

It’s obvious this tabloid was taking advantage of Asner’s recent passing to make up stories about him. In reality, both Asner and Moore were both Hollywood legends who sang each other’s praises. It’s completely shameful to suggest that they were feuding, especially when neither of them is here to set the record straight.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Feuds

This isn’t the first time the National Enquirer has invented a celebrity feud. Earlier this year, the magazine claimed Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman were feuding over their makeup brands. Then the outlet reported Jennifer Aniston was feuding with Vera Farmiga over a role. The tabloid alleged Aniston was keeping her distance from Jimmy Kimmel. The outlet also reported Kim Cattrall was fleeing New York just to get away from her estranged Sex and the City co-stars. Obviously, the tabloid can’t be trusted when it comes to celebrity feuds.

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