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Is Ellen Pompeo destroying Grey’s Anatomy? One report says her contract negotiation may bring the show to an end. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Ellen Cash Crisis’

According to the Globe, Ellen Pompeo is not content to work for anything less than she thinks she’s worth. Despite making millions from Grey’s Anatomy, Pompeo is reportedly negotiating for another big paycheck despite a rating plunge. A source says, “If she’s to sign for two more years, Ellen wants a raise from her current $20 million to $25 million per year and her team isn’t budging as they negotiate with Disney/ABC.”

Disney apparently feels pressure to get the deal done quickly so it could negotiate with the rest of the cast, but Pompeo wasn’t making it easy. A source says, “Ellen is a tough negotiator and that’s what’s made her TV’s highest-paid actress.” Pompeo is vital to Grey’s Anatomy, and the producers would have to pay up to hit the 20-season mark.

What’s The Problem?

Ellen Pompeo gets paid $20 million because she’s worth $20 million. She’s been outspoken about getting her fair share, and Disney’s responded by paying her accordingly. It’s completely backward for the Globe to say she should feel grateful to Disney and take less money. It’s Disney! It’s good for it.

The tabloid is trying to shame Pompeo for wanting to get paid. Contrary to this tabloid’s report, Grey’s Anatomy is still the top-rated ABC series, and Pompeo is integral to its success. Disney would not pay Pompeo anywhere close to $20 million if she wasn’t worth every penny.

What Ended Up Happening With Ellen Pompeo?

This story originally came out in April. About a month later, Grey’s Anatomy was officially renewed for the 18th season. Pompeo, also a producer on the show, will be returning and is still the highest-paid member of the cast. It’s unknown how much she’ll make for season 18, but we know for a fact that the series is not on life support.

Gossip Cop has debunked this outlet before over its Pompeo reporting. Back in 2019, it claimed Pompeo was quitting the show over health issues. A year later, it said Pompeo’s character would be killed off on the series so she could be brought back to life. Neither of these stories was remotely true.

The Globe also claimed that ABC was begging Roseanne to return back in 2018. The Connors has been fairly successful since she was fired in disgrace, and the network has not asked her back. That story proves that this tabloid has no insight into either side of this supposed negotiation.

Fighting to earn what you’re worth is admirable, and Gossip Cop has no doubt that Pompeo did just that. She and Disney are both surely happy to see Grey’s Anatomy hit its 18th season.

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