She answered the question to avoid drinking a spicy salmon smoothie.

Alicia Keys proudly proclaimed “I’m not eating none of this shit” during a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” with James Corden on Wednesday night — and was willing to throw one of her former costars on “The Voice” under the bus to keep that promise.

The premise of the game is simple: Answer a series of increasingly difficult questions truthfully or be forced to eat whatever nasty delicacy is in front of you.

Right off the bat, Corden bailed on his first question — after Keys asked him to rate three recent Grammy hosts, including the two of them and LL Cool J. Instead, he drank some hot dog juice.

When it was Keys’ turn, she was willing to throw down some truth, revealing the most she and husband Swizz Beatz have ever paid for a piece of art is $600K. Corden was equally willing to answer the next question, as he denied reports he’d be replacing Ellen DeGeneres as host of her talk show if and when she decides to step away from it.

Corden really put Keys on the spot, however, when he asked her to rank the singing voices of her former co-coaches on “The Voice” from Best to Worst.

“Gwen Stefani is best,” she said without skipping a beat. “Either way, this ends in a text message from someone,” Corden interjected, as she paused. “Well, one of them don’t have my number,” Keys added, “I’ll just put him last.”

“Gwen Stefani is best, Adam Levine is second and Blake Shelton is the worst,” she answered with a laugh. “I’m not eating none of this, no!” Her answer got her out of throwing back a glass of spicy salmon smoothie.

Neither participant was down to answer their final question though — as Corden ate some pork tongue and blood jelly to avoid revealing who was his favorite between friends-of-the-show Harry Styles or Jimin from BTS and Keys wisely decided against revealing her least favorite city to perform.

Despite some major protests, that last one landed Alicia a bite of an ant-covered Kool-icle … which she spit into a bucket almost immediately.

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