And, yes, they referred to each other as “The Chad” and his “Starfish.”

20 years after meeting on the set of “Charlie’s Angels” and marrying shortly after, Drew Barrymore and Tom Green just reunited on the latest episode of her talk show.

According to the two, it’s been 15 years since they last saw or spoke to each other. The former couple got hitched in 2001, but separated a year later in 2002.

“I have always been attracted to visionaries, comedians and people who make me laugh. I was so attracted to my next guest, I even married him,” said Drew, before he joined her on her socially-distant stage.

Calling him a “wonderful, wonderful man,” she also pointed out the “new woman in [his] life,” his dog, the appropriately-named Charlie. “It makes sense that The Chad would have a dog named Charlie, right?” he joked.

The completely pure conversation began with Green giving his ex his parents well-wishes, telling her, “they’re really happy that I’m here on the show and they’re happy for you. We’re all really happy for you actually, we love watching you do amazing things.”

“I’ve had two nights of great sleep in my life before my daughters were born. I don’t know why but sleep is like, it’s just been like a weird thing for me,” Drew then explained.

“I remember this night just being so content. And I was at your parents’ lake house and I remember hearing all their voices upstairs and I was just by myself and I was going to sleep and I was like, ‘Yeah this is what safety and contentedness feels before you’re going to sleep,’” she continued. “And I will never forget that night and I love your parents and I really love you and I celebrate you.”

Getting a bit emotional as she spoke, she said, “You know when you say 20 years, it’s sometimes it’s the blink of an eye, and sometimes you’re like, ‘Oh my God, we’ve lived so much in these last twenty years.’ You’ve had a whole life and I’ve had a whole life. It’s just really nice to come together and check-in and talk about it, it just thrills me to no end. I think the world of you and I celebrate you and I always have and I always will.”

After Tom said he was “so happy” to be invited onto her show, Drew explained that she “admired” his work so much that she asked him to have a bit part as her lover in “Charlie’s Angels.”

“That was so exciting getting to do that movie with you,” he recalled. “And you know we kind of sort of hit it off right away pretty much. We had a lot of laughs together. I think one of our first dates I think we went and bought lobsters because we both love animals and we both got lobsters and we released them into the ocean. That was what we decided to do.”

She also credited Green with giving her a camera that really kicked off the photographer stage of her life, saying he “got me into my whole Annie Hall phase of taking photographs which is such a beautiful art.”

The two ended the first segment by then calling each other by their “Charlie’s Angels” nicknames, “The Chad” and “Starfish.”

Later in the show, Green recalled a time he surprised Barrymore by flying one of her dogs to his parents’ house on Christmas to surprise her.

“It was very cute and I’ve sort of had this lifelong love of dogs now,” he said, because of her pooches.

She then credited her dog Flossy with saving them from a house fire. “[Flossy] got us out of the house, we’re standing up on the top of the hill, the house is in the canyons and I’m watching the telephone poles explode and the house was a barn, wood floors, walls and ceiling, the fire went through the house and it crumbled. I was standing there in such shock … and you leaned into my ear and you started singing the ‘Entertainment Tonight’ theme.”

“The media had assembled outside in front of the house,” explained Tom. Added Drew, “It made me laugh in that moment, everything was so dark and scary and confusing and you lightened it up for me, you made me laugh and I will never forget that.”

“In the middle of this darkness came this light and it was you. We just had so many adventures,” she added.

Right before they wrapped up the interview, Barrymore was shocked to realize Green had been drinking out of a mug with her picture on it — a picture in which she’s wearing a neck brace.

“Remember the day in New York, you were doing yoga, you sprained your neck and then Chris went and made these mugs and somehow I kept the mug all these years. I kept the mug,” he explained.

“We had a lot of amazing experiences and I am grateful for that and I cherish them,” he then said. “Thanks Drew I appreciate it.”

Added Drew: “I cherish you right back.”

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