Earl Thomas and his wife are done trying to move past the freaky-deaky April incident that resulted in her arrest.

via TMZ:

According to court records, Nina Thomas put in the paperwork on Nov. 3 … citing adultery as the grounds for ending the marriage.

Nina added in the docs that the couple has such a strained relationship … there’s zero “reasonable expectation of reconciliation.”

It’s interesting … because Earl has seemed to put in a ton of effort to make things work since Nina was arrested for allegedly pointing a loaded gun at him back on April 13.

We broke the story, cops say Nina SNAPPED after she allegedly caught the former Baltimore Ravens safety cheating on her at a rented home in Austin, Texas.

Police say Nina busted in the home angrily … and eventually held Earl at gunpoint.

Nina was ultimately arrested … but shortly after the incident, Earl announced the two were trying to work through things.

And, it all seemed to be going smoothly … he posted on social media several times the past few months praising her — and even celebrated her birthday last month with a photo and a mushy “I love you” note.

But, Nina — who married Earl in a well-publicized, extravagant wedding in April 2016 — makes it clear in the docs … she wants out.

The couple has three kids together … and in the court filing, Nina is asking for Earl to only have limited access to the children until “he takes a parenting course and can show evidence that he is able to care for the children for an extended period of time.”

If you remember the original story, Nina tracked Earl down using Snapchat and walked in on him having sex with his brother and other women all in the same bed. She’s a trooper for trying to make that work — because we wouldn’t have been able to move on at all.

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