A month ago someone hit the ‘Ghostbuster’ Rick Moranis up side his head, now police say his attacker has been arrested.

via: Complex

The man who punched actor Rick Moranis in the face is now in police custody, TMZ reports.

Law enforcement sources say that New York Police Department officers arrested 35-year-old Marquis Ventura this weekend for his hand in the attack. Per NBC News, transit officers spotted Ventura walking into the subway close to where the incident initially took place. Ventura was booked on a felony assault charge. This charge was increased because the 67-year-old Moranis is technically a senior citizen which makes the crime more serious.

In October, Moranis was on a morning walk near his New York City apartment when a then-unidentified man sucker punched him. Video of the incident was released by the NYPD in hopes to find the suspect.

Moranis was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for pain in his head, back, and hip. Following the incident, fans and fellow entertainers flooded to social media where they pushed for justice.

Rick Moranis said I ain’t afraid of no ghost so getting punched is light work. But glad he’s okay.

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