First Travis Scott, now J. Balvin, and eventually….Quavo?

Apparently the Migos rapper wants his own meal deal now that it seems to be the marketing move of the moment.

via TMZ:

The Migos rapper just posted some pics of himself at a McDonald’s — where he’s ordering his go-to favorite meal. By the looks of it, this seems to be a direct plea to the Golden Arches for a potential partnership — similar to what they’ve been doing with artists lately.

Quavo’s own “meal deal” would include … a plain double cheeseburger, their new spicy McNuggets, a medium fry and some barbecue sauce. The line McDonald’s employees can yell out to prospective Quavo-inspired customers … “What U Want???” Has a nice ring to it!

He even posted an up-close shot of what the food bundle looks like from his POV — it ain’t exactly as professional and touched-up as J Balvin’s sponsorship shoot, or the inaugural Travis meal that kicked this whole trend off for that matter, but hey … it’s a starting concept.

Now, if Quavo is trying to will a McDonald’s deal into existence, there’s a big problem from what we can see. Dude forgot to tag @McDonalds!!! C’mon, bruh … that’s marketing 101.

All good, though … here’s hoping they hear about this through the patty assembly line.

We’re sure it’ll be in the works soon…if it’s not already.


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Double Cheeseburger Plain New Spicy Nuggets Medium Fries BBQ Sauce (Hot N Fresh) What U Want ???

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