Twitter underwent it’s most significant change in years on Tuesday with the introduction of…Fleets.

Now, the platform is toying around with the idea of giving users the opportunity to ‘dislike’ Tweets.

via Complex:

The subject came up when a user, who Mashable reports is a “cybersecurity expert” for the Biden campaign, pitched the following ideas for the company to focus on instead of adding the newly launched “fleets”. That person’s suggestions were:

> Removing all coordinated inauthentic behavior
> Improving user experience regarding harassment and reporting
> Add dislike button or downvote capability
> Disinformation harming users

In response, Kayvon Beykpour, whose bio bills him as Twitter’s product lead, wrote the following…note the final sentence: “#1, 2 and 4 are literally our top priority (making the public conversation on Twitter) and has been for years. We’ve made a lot of progress but still lots to do. We do feel it’s important to solve other problems too! As for #3, this is something we’re exploring.”

Mashable writes that Twitter confirmed the idea, and stated that the company plans to become home to more nuanced discussions. 

It’s certainly worth adding that Twitter constantly tests new features that never actually get off the ground, hence the quotes around “exploring.” 

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