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Was Sandra Bullock threatened by Eva Mendes to keep her hands off Ryan Gosling? Last year, Gossip Cop confronted this report about threats and fear. Hindsight is a useful tool, so we’re looking back on this rumor to see what ended up happening.

‘Stay Away From Ryan!’

According to New Idea, Mendes was livid that her longtime partner Gosling would work with Bullock again. A source said, “Eva knows Sandra was the only woman Ryan nearly married and the last thing she wants is him and her sexing it up in one of her big box office movies.” Another source did stress that both Bullock and Gosling are “both happy in their current relationships, but Eva’s still not prepared to take any chances.”

Gossip Cop was very wary of this story. After all, Bullock was happily dating photographer Bryan Randall, and it painted Mendes as nothing more than a jealous woman. Mendes is an accomplished actress in her own right, and Gosling has continued to work with many women since they got together in 2011. We concluded that this outlet was trying to invent drama where there just wouldn’t be any, so we busted the story.

What About The Feud?

New Idea never mentioned this story again, and we haven’t heard a peep about friction between Eva Mendes and Sandra Bullock. Bullock and Randall are still very happy together, and Mendes and Gosling continue to prefer privacy. Most revealing of all is that Bullock and Gosling have not ended up working together.

Bullock is currently working on Bullet Train and The Lost City of D, while Gosling is busy with The Gray Man, Wolfman, and The Actor. These exes haven’t worked together since Murder By Numbers in 2002, and that won’t change anytime soon. It looks like New Idea didn’t just invent drama, it invented a whole project.

Other Tall Tales

Jealousy is an extremely common trope from this tabloid. It’s painted Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, and Chris Hemsworth all as folks oozing with jealousy and hatred over someone else’s friendships or success. These stories flatten people into toxic stereotypes, and they have no foot in reality.

Since Mendes and Gosling are as private as they are, every story about them is already rather untrustworthy. If a source is close enough to Mendes to know something juicy, then they can therefore be trusted not to spill those details to the tabloids. In this case, Gosling and Bullock were never even set to work together, so jealousy couldn’t have existed in the first place.

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