WEEK OF October 5 – 1 1, 2020

It’s not so much WHAT you say as what you DON’T say—or inadvertent body language—that can land you in hot water this week, especially on Friday, October 9. With rash Mars in your communication sector and manipulative Pluto in your subterranean twelfth house squaring off, you might not have much control over the words you blurt. Partly because this square can create deep, subliminal anxiety and partly because you might secretly WANT to express something, you’re at risk for a foot-in-mouth moment. Do yourself and your potential “audience” a favor by seeing what thoughts and feelings may be swirling around inside your psyche. It could be a little hazy, but try to discern anger, resentment, jealousy or even rejection. Even then, it could be challenging to figure out what the source of these emotions are. That’s okay: As long as you’re allowing yourself to experience them—but not have kneejerk reactions—you’re ahead of the game. It may take sustained effort, but try to visualize shady Pluto like a little devil on one shoulder egging on mouthpiece Mars on the other. And when you identify your first sarcastic or passive-aggressive thoughts? That’s a sign that your will is slipping. If necessary, reach out to a clear-minded friend who can talk you down from the ledge when you feel yourself heading there.

Small steps in the romance department could quickly accelerate into a lot more this Saturday as love planet Venus in your intimate eighth house swings into alignment with alchemical Uranus (your ruler) in your domestic quarters. You may be feeling uncharacteristically mushy and gushy—a wonderful departure from cool-as-a-cuke Aquarius! If this is a brand-spanking-new union, you might feel like hitting the gas and not even testing the brakes. But before you become roommates, try just spending more time together, perhaps doing a key exchange or clearing out some closet space. And remember that as eager as you might be (now) to race toward commitment, it’s still important to get to know the real person behind the fantasy. No one blipping on your romantic radar? Intimacy among close friends is also a wonderful bonding experience, so invite one or a few over and have one of those heart-sharing nights that you never want to end!

Does the word “boundaries” ring a bell? On Sunday, you might need to bring that back into your vocabulary, especially if you’ve made a habit of indulging in anything that feels good. While no one can blame you, the point is, if you’re not getting around to the things you know you must, then “just this once” is the worst thing you can utter! On Sunday, set some new limits around those things you know will pull you down any various rabbit holes. It may be challenging with the self-indulgent Sun in your bottomless ninth house clashing with supersizer Jupiter in your unconscious twelfth, but if you can turn the tide now, it’s almost sure to stick!

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