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Wired or tired? You’ll feel pulled in both directions a little of both for the first three weeks of the month. But one thing’s for sure: It won’t be easy to relax! July’s celestial story has a dynamic and intense plotline as three of the zodiac’s four power-seeking cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer and Capricorn—headline the show. And since you’re one of them (the fourth is Libra), you’ll feel an incessant and unavoidable pull for change. With a major eclipse on July 4-5, plus five retrograde planets in the mix, get ready to reset your compass, Aries.

The month’s dueling demands will tug you between home, career and self—the zones of your chart that are being activated by these three cardinal signs. As you map a vision for how to manage them all, your most important relationships will also be up for review. For some Aries, it may feel like a jigsaw puzzle has been dumped out of its box and you have to put the pieces back together. Other Rams will be tasked with rebalancing the proportions of career, life and home. Now that the world is reopening, do you need to work less so you can nourish your connections? Should you get out of the house for a solo quest? Could you stand to devote more “care and feeding” to a relationship, or should you focus LESS on your mate and pour energy into your own pursuits?

Fiery Mars—your ruling planet—is in your sign for an extended period, from June 27 to January 6, powering up a sense of independence and a thirst for novelty and autonomy. Mars visits each sign every two years or so (it was last in Aries from December 31, 2018, to February 14, 2019), but it normally stays for just six to eight weeks. This cycle, Mars will be in your sign for six MONTHS, pushing you to try new things and swing far out of your comfort zone. Assertive Mars here can cause you come on strong (and perhaps seem selfish at moments), so make sure you’re not putting your own needs above everyone else’s. But don’t sacrifice your burning desires either. This is a rare window!

You might not be ready to charge off on a solo quest until later this month because the Sun is still nestled in cozy Cancer and your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations until July 22. You may prefer to spend the first three weeks of the month doing some inner work or getting your living situation sorted. After months of quarantine and working remotely, no doubt there’s stagnant energy to clear out of Chateau Ram.

A decluttering or space clearing could bring great relief. Or maybe it’s time to have that heart-to-heart with your mom or another close relative? Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, is retrograde in Cancer and this domestic part of your chart from June 18 to July 12. Make sure everything at home base is settled and that “the kids are alright,” and then you can head off on your epic journey. And watch for a tendency to be self-absorbed with mental Mercury back-spinning through this moody sign.

You may not have time to indulge every precious feeling, Aries. On July 4 and 5 (depending on your time zone), a lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in Capricorn and your tenth house of career, ambition and leadership. This could bring an out-of-the-blue work opportunity…or throw a sudden plot twist onto your professional path. All eyes could be on you as the world looks to you as an expert and a powerful voice of authority. Your father or an important man could figure into events as male-identified people fall under the domain of Capricorn. If you’re not doing work that’s a match for your greatness, this charged full moon could “eclipse” away a job or client, creating a clear space to fill with something new.

While early July events could be jarring, know that lunar eclipses just sweep away what no longer serves you, demanding that you step up your game. Truth is, you’ve been building to this point since July 2018, the start of a two-year eclipse series that rippled across the Cancer/Capricorn axis and radically shifted your approach to work, home, family and goals. This is the grand finale of this series, and you won’t experience eclipses in these signs again until 2027.

But your work’s not over yet! Expansive Jupiter, structured Saturn AND transformational Pluto are also in Capricorn this month—and essentially for the rest of 2020 (Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius just before the winter solstice in December). You’ve got big decisions to make or powerful plans you can finally start acting upon. Like the whole world, some of your ideas went “on pause” from March 21 to July 1 while Saturn dipped its toe into Aquarius and your eleventh house for the first time since the early 1990s. You’ve been focusing on world events and social causes (there’s been no shortage of them), perhaps giving your attention to a group cause.

Now, Saturn is back in Capricorn for one final push for you to define and refine your career path and to shape how you want to be seen by the world. After a long spell (December 2017 to March 2020) in Capricorn, Saturn delivers one last round of tough but crucial career lessons until December 17, then it will depart this sign for good, not returning until 2047!

Over the summer, take your time and do it right—no cutting corners! This is a marathon, not a sprint. Jupiter, Saturn AND Pluto are all in slow-moving retrograde until the fall, a perfect phase to retrace your steps and even to dust off something you shelved. Be diligent and discerning, Aries. Map your trajectory in phases and steps, then work on them one by one. Go back and finish half-complete assignments or polish what you didn’t do impeccably.

Midmonth, you could feel pulled uncomfortably between personal and professional demands—and tempers could spike with the tension. The ego-driven Sun gets into two conflicts, making its annual opposition to Jupiter (July 14) and Pluto (July 15). New career obligations could pull you away from home. Yet you may still be playing an important role in your family, feeling needed or like nobody will run the ship as well as you. You can’t have it all—at least, not if you insist on doing it all YOUR way and by yourself.

Get clear, and fast, on your priorities. Then train the people on Team Aries to support your efforts, whether that’s with child care, tending to elderly relatives or learning your professional protocols and standards so they deliver work that’s up to par. These two planetary powerhouses are making three rare and transformational unions in 2020: on April 4, June 30 and November 12. Jupiter and Pluto will travel in close proximity throughout July, bringing hidden information to light and revealing any “blind spots” around your professional path.

On July 20, the Cancer new moon arrives, offering a fresh start. It’s a rare SECOND new moon in this sign, echoing the June 21 Cancer solar eclipse. Talk about powerful voltage! At last, you can put your home and foundations in order, Aries. If you’ve been considering a move, want to start a family or need to make an important change in your personal life, this double dip of Cancerian moonbeams should finally point the way. Between now and the December 29 Cancer full moon, start taking concrete steps to make your dreams a reality.

Some well-deserved FUN arrives starting July 22, when the Sun shifts into Leo for a month, heating up your fifth house of play, pleasure and creativity. This will break up the heavy cardinal-sign vibes and respark your sense of spontaneity—exactly the joie de vivre that suits your adventurous Aries spirit!

Romance could finally enter the picture during Leo season, too! For single Rams, summer flings must be pursued with all the requisite safety precautions—but with magnetic and virile Mars in your sign, you’ll have no trouble attracting interested candidates. Just turn up the dial on your natural life-force energy, and watch the admirers flock to you. If the Cancer energy made you feel heavy and moody all month, you’ll snap out of the brooding. Need help making the shift? Get moving! Exercise—a brisk walk, dancing or a vigorous workout—will get everything into motion again for you. Your mindset will shift and you’ll start to manifest the exciting opportunities you’ve wanted all year. Action!


The world is still riddled with 99 problems, but your libido ain’t one of them! Mercifully, love is a bright spot this July, and a much-deserved one. Passionate Mars is cruising through your sign for an extra-long journey, from June 27 until January 6. You haven’t hosted your ruling planet since his last visit, December 31, 2018 to February 14, 2019, so look back to that time to see if any heart-throbbing themes are being—or are about to be—repeated.

This protracted and potent transit will revive your mojo—along with your confidence, charisma and sex appeal. And you can dole it out any way you choose since you’ll have full reserve tanks for the rest of the year. If you felt completely devoid of your Aries charisma and seductive superpowers in June, you can blame Mars slogging through Pisces (the equivalent of having waterlogged batteries) from May 13 to June 27 AND love planet Venus being retrograde from May 13 to June 25. It’s as if both love planets turned their backs on you. But hopefully you discovered a silver lining: a chance to really “be” with yourself rather than relying on your charms and bag of seductive tricks. And maybe you shed old strategies that brought you a slew of admirers but, intentionally or otherwise, blocked intimacy.

Venus continues her longer-than-usual tour of Gemini (April 3 until August 7), now in forward motion after a frustrating retrograde from May 13 to June 25. This month, she’ll travel back over the same degrees she visited from April to mid-May. This is a rare second chance to review or complete what you started then or to patch up any issues from that time—and do the work! Couples will enjoy socializing as the world opens up, being sure to wash your hands and wear masks but at least you can finally wine and dine communally! Singles may have to make some weighty decisions about when and how to meet in person, but at least you can do more than text and chat!

Key Dates:
July 8: Mercury-Mars square

You’ve been holding some important emotions inside, and it’s taking a toll to stay mum. Today, as retrograde Mercury butts heads with forthright Mars (in your sign), it will be nearly impossible to bottle those up any longer. Just beware that communications could come across as defensive or just plain combative under these stars. You’re also extra thin-skinned today, prone to taking things personally. Maybe it would be better to write a draft of your thoughts before simply unloading. These two planets will meet again on July 27, when Mercury is longer retrograde. Perhaps you’ll have more fully-formed thoughts to share then.

Love Days: 20, 25
Money Days: 14, 4
Luck Days: 12, 2
Off Days: 23, 26, 9

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