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Anchoring yourself in a sense of security is one of your quests this July. As the lion’s share of planets gather in the cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Aries, they’ll activate the most rooted zones of your chart. You’re an air sign that loves freedom and mobility, so this news may come as a surprise. You’ll also feel the tension from these planets as they pull you in different directions, tugging you between the mundane and the mystical, your internal desires and your worldly responsibilities.

This tug of war will be fueled by the third of three eclipses that occur this summer and five planets in slowed-down retrograde as the month begins.

The Sun is in Cancer and your second house of daily routines, work and money until July 22, keeping at least one of your winged sandals on terra firma. May and June were intense months, with SO much cosmic activation in your sign—from the lunar north node entering Gemini on May 5 to harmonious Venus retrograde in your sign from May 12 to June 25. You’ve been through quite a spiritual test, that’s for sure. And because of it, you’re transforming into a different person, a new version of yourself that you may not even recognize or understand.

Meantime, your ruling planet, Mercury, the galactic guardian of communication, technology and travel, is retrograde until July 12. Mercury is back-spinning through Cancer and your financial house, so you could be getting back to work and putting your life in order. Although there’s so much serendipitous energy afoot, you’ve also got a lengthy to-do list commandeering your attention.

But don’t get overly consumed by your day-to-day affairs because a pileup of planets in Capricorn will heat up your eighth house of merging and intimacy. This could bring a chance to connect your superpowers with a kindred spirit or to do some massive healing work. On July 1, structured Saturn will back into Capricorn until December 17, 2020, its final journey through this sign until 2047.

Since December 2017, you’ve been learning hard but crucial lessons about sharing and trust. You may have made an investment, bought or sold property, or gotten involved in a permanent relationship (either business or personal). For the rest of the year, you could be evaluating all of these commitments to see if they’re built on a strong enough foundation to endure.

Expansive Jupiter and transformational Pluto are also both here, traveling close together after their exact meetup on June 30. With all three planets retrograde, you may be diving into the abyss of powerful emotions, shedding the weight for once and for all. You could also have a spiritual or financial breakthrough—but it won’t be easy work. You’ll need to look at things about yourself and the way you conduct your affairs that you haven’t wanted to see.

Ready or not, that will be revealed in the light of the July 4-5 Capricorn lunar (full moon) eclipse, which will shine its high beams on anything that’s been kept secret or hidden from your view. A powerful bond could become official, or you may part ways suddenly. This is the grand finale of an eclipse series on the Cancer/Capricorn axis that’s been changing your approach to power since July 2018. The way you share money, time, energy and control has gone through a major upheaval. Your relationships are evidence of this, and this Capricorn lunar eclipse will deliver one last moment of truth.

Got a big idea? Aligning with well-connected, synergistic people for business could bring a windfall. Projects that earn passive income or supplement your other revenue streams can take flight, especially after the lunar eclipse.

Midmonth you’ll feel major tension between the desire to stay rooted in your comfort zone (driven by the Cancer Sun) and a call to join forces for greater mutual gain (propelled by the Capricorn planets). As the Sun forms its annual opposition to Jupiter on June 14 and then Pluto on June 15, you will be challenged to set your ego aside in the name of something greater. An energetic awakening is yours if you’re willing to peer into the shadows and own the ways you may use unconscious “weapons” to dominate others.

From fast-talking verbal “snaps” that silence your opponents to being magnanimous in public then the opposite at home to projecting your own baggage onto others: This is the ugly human stuff that we all do. But how’s that working out for you, Gemini? These oppositions reveal how these hidden defenses can hurt others and prevent YOU from achieving greatness. It’s time to trade your emotional ammo for new tools.

A day to really root yourself arrives on July 20, when the second of two rare back-to-back Cancer new moons arrives. This is the echo of the June 21 Cancer solar (new moon) eclipse, and events that began near this date can start to gel. With Mercury no longer retrograde as of July 12, you can move forward with a new job or finally get back on a solid schedule after all the disruptions of 2020.

Your social life also begins to blossom again after July 22 as the Sun moves into Leo for a month, heating up your third house of community, ideas and local action. Energizer Mars is taking an extended trip through Aries and heating up your eleventh house of group activity, putting steam into any team effort. Whether you communicate virtually or safely in-person, you’ll be back in Gemini social butterfly mode once again.


And you’re back! Your “great pause” is over now that vixen Venus has resumed direct motion in your sign, so at least in matters of the heart, you can blast ahead with confidence! The love planet was retrograde from May 13 to June 25, which might have felt like a six-week migraine. But because she’ll remain in Gemini until August 7, you are blessed with a rare do-over.

Reflect on the period between April 3 and May 13, when Venus first entered your sign before her about-face. Was an attraction just sparking then, or were you and bae teetering on a clifftop? Now you can go back and do your best to get it right—with the wisdom gained during the reversal. And anything that isn’t up to snuff can either be worked on or released with love to make room for something new and more appropriate!

Meanwhile, the other love planet, virile Mars, is making extended trip through Aries and your eleventh house of friendships, online dating and community. Single Geminis could have way better luck connecting virtually with someone new. And since this cycle will stretch into early 2021, there’s no reason to rush or settle. Be choosy—especially if you’re considering offering a benefits package to a previous platonic friend.

Of course, with both planets d’amour in these free-spirited and autonomous signs, you might prefer to take a sabbatical from dating altogether. Enjoy falling in love—with your freedom—again, something that might have renewed value if your area is opening up again and you can go back out into the world. So much variety is out there; why pin yourself down to just one person?

Key Dates:
July 27: Venus-Neptune square

In a relationship, one of you may be trying to hit the gas while the other is pumping the brakes. Talk about emotional whiplash! Take this as a sign to slow down and reassess. This is not the best day for couples to attempt to have any serious talks that have long-range consequences. Keep it light, and if things get tense, do something fun!

Love Days: 25, 2
Money Days: 9, 19
Luck Days: 17, 7
Off Days: 14, 26, 4

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