WEEK OF November 16 – 2 2, 2020

Your magnanimity will be on full display until the weekend as warm-fuzzy Venus trails through your compassionate twelfth house. On Monday, November 16, she’ll get a telegram from Jupiter’s deep well as the two planets form a healing square. Someone from your inner circle—your mom, sister or a close female friend most likely—may need some last-minute support. Don’t hesitate, Scorpio. (Not like you ever would.) Even if you can’t fix the mess, your steady presence can help them get back into a centered place. But being supportive is different than making sacrifices at your own expense. When stable Saturn squares Venus on Thursday, a friend or sibling may be expecting you to follow their dizzying whims, or worse, pick up the slack for a promise they made! Don’t be the martyr. Holding them accountable for their commitments can take some willpower, but it’s better than letting a relationship you value become mired in resentment.

Your charm offensive begins this Saturday, when vixen Venus takes her annual strut down the Scorpio runway, activating your fearless first house until December 15. Over the past several weeks, you may have been in low-power mode with the love planet hiding out in your secretive twelfth house. If you’ve been licking your wounds about a disappointing situation, shift your focus toward new topics. Even if you have to consciously “force” yourself in a different direction, Scorpio, your heart mends quickly when Venus is in your sign. Cupid is hovering around every corner, and he’s done waiting for your signal before he fires away. Everything can change in a moment over the coming three weeks. Not ready to open up a vacancy? Pour your energy into an inspiring friendship or creative project. Attached Scorpios may need a longer leash. Reviving romantic feelings might first require you to reconnect to your personal passions and interests. Absence makes the lust grow stronger!

Saturday’s news is a mixed bag, because later in the day, the Sun bids farewell to your sign and first house of identity for another year. Birthday season may be over, but hopefully you found a way to celebrate yourself under the limiting conditions of 2020. With el Sol beaming into Sagittarius and your second house of financial stability and practical magic until December 21, you’ll have laser-like focus for your end-of-year monetary milestones. Move forward slowly and steadily—with a carefully thought-out plan. Your first step should be crunching numbers, mapping out deadlines and lining up all the support you’ll need to pull this off. Got it? Now go!

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