WEEK OF November 16 – 2 2, 2020

Buzzy, frenetic energy is flowing, making it hard to stay grounded this week. Fortunately, luxurious Venus is camped out in your slow-and-steady second house. Give your brain a break by getting into your body. On Monday, November 16, vibrant Jupiter lends support from your fifth house of creativity and romance. Set up the home spa with a salt scrub and seaweed face mask—perhaps for two? Spending time in nature can also keep you centered—and you’re going to need it on Thursday when Saturn squares Venus and churns up some drama. Big personalities will be hard to tame under this transit and you might just have to step away. Trying to get everyone’s agendas aligned might be impossible before the weekend. If a “compromise” starts to feel like a stress-inducing sacrifice, step away and give yourself some space!

How effective has your own communication been lately, Virgo? This Saturday, articulate Venus marches into incisive Scorpio and fires up your talkative third house until December 15. Without getting overly self-critical, take an objective look at where you’re hitting your mark and where things are falling short. While you may put forth a polished presentation, are you hiding vulnerable parts of yourself from the world? While it may seem counterintuitive, being more “imperfectly human” is a solid relationship strategy. Learn some new skills, like active listening, Imago or Non-Violent Communication. And since Venus is always the love planet, in your platonic third house, you can practice on friends first. Romantically, keep things light and don’t play with fire, however tempting it is. Couples can max out this cycle’s bounty by setting aside time regularly to talk about your day and issues that crop up, across the dinner table or over a glass of wine after you do the dishes. Keeping the romantic wheels greased takes effort, but as you know, it’s so worth it!

Plan to come in for a soft landing on Saturday, too, when the Sun hunkers down in Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house. Like the rest of the planet, you’ve probably had your fill of home time in 2020. But just like that, momentum picks up in this area. With the Sun in this globetrotting fire sign, warm up a cold corner of your space with pieces you collected while traveling or imported textiles you can order online. Painting colorful accent walls brings the “sunshine” into windowless areas. If you’re in the market for a move, a lucky listing could pop up between now and December 21. Don’t be surprised if the price has been lowered (or if you can skillfully talk it down) due to the timing of your hunt!

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