Noah Stollman, co-creator of the HBO series Our Boys and head writer on the third and fourth seasons of the show Fauda (streamed internationally on Netflix), is now working on a psychological thriller series called The Malevolent Bride for A+E Studios, Ananey Studios, and Israeli public broadcaster KAN 11.

The Malevolent Bride will air on KAN 11 in Israel, while A+E Studios distributes elsewhere. Ananey Studios is producing, with A+E co-producing. The series will center on

the hunt for a vengeful spirit terrorizing an unsuspecting Hasidic community in present-day Jerusalem. A pair of unlikely demon-hunters – Hasidic psychologist Malki Price and agnostic young physicist Be’er – join forces to uncover the secret behind the malevolent spirit’s origins.

Stollman created and is writing the series, and will also be executive producing alongside Avigail Ben-Dor Niv, A+E Studios’ Barry Jossen and Tana Jamieson, Ananey Studios’ Orly-Atlas Katz and Osnat Saraga, Lenore Entertainment Group’s Adam Berkowitz, and Israeli Television Academy Award-winning director Oded Davidoff, who will be directing the show.

Our Boys told the following story:

Set in the summer of 2014, the series is based on the true events which led to the outbreak of war in Gaza. When three Jewish teenagers are kidnapped and murdered by Hamas militants, Israel is shocked, shaken and furious. In an apparent response to the horrific act, the burned body of 16-year-old Palestinian Mohammed Abu Khdeir is found in a forest on the outskirts of Jerusalem. As a terrorism agent and his team at the Jewish Division of Shin Bet investigate Mohammed’s murder, the parents of the slain teenager begin their long and anguished journey toward consolation and justice.

And here’s the description for Fauda:

After retiring from the Israel Defense Force, Doron is working on a vineyard. He gets roped back into active duty, though, upon learning that an enemy who Doron thought his unit had killed is still alive and plans on attending his brother’s wedding. Doron rejoins the IDF team with the intention of going under cover at the wedding, but the plan goes awry when the team’s cover is blown. That sets into motion a chaotic chain of events and leads IDF into a manhunt to locate and kill the squad’s target.

I haven’t seen Our Boys or Fauda, but The Malevolent Bride sounds interesting to me.

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