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Deadline has announced that Sony Pictures Television have picked up the rights to Faust, the superhero horror comic written by David Quinn and illustrated by Tim Vigil. The studio have enlisted Matteo Pizzolo (Godkiller) to pen the adaptation which will be developed as an animated series

First released by Rebel Studios back in 1987, Faust follows John Jaspers, “a tormented vigilante who sells his soul in exchange for super powers and must then rise against Mephistopheles to rescue his lover Dr. Jade DeCamp and win back his soul.” With its graphic violence and sexual content, the comic was was one of the best-selling independent comics of the time with the first issue selling over 100,000 copies. Creators David Quinn and Tim Vigil are involved with the animated series adaptation and will serve as consulting producers.

The comic was previously adapted to the big-screen in 2000 by Brian Yuzna for Faust: Love of the Damned. Our own Jason Adams featured the film in his Awfully Good column a decade ago, and described it as something of a terrible love-child between Spawn and The Crow. Here’s hoping the animated series fares a little better.

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