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Jack Nicholson has been out of the public eye for a suspiciously long amount of time, and one report says that he’s got his closest friends worried about him after going totally off the radar. A source reveals that he’s essentially sealed himself off from the world. Here’s what’s going on.

Fears For Jack Nicholson’s Well-Being?

The cover of the latest issue of OK! includes a photo of Nicholson above text reading “Why He’s In Hiding,” while the article inside has the headline “Fears For Jack” instead. According to the outlet, Nicholson has lost his old reputation as “Hollywood’s biggest bon vivant” and has instead “become a total hermit.” It’s apparently a drastic enough change that his inner circle is now panicked over the fact that “he’s harder to get a hold of than ever,” and he’s showing no signs of reaching back out.

“Jack’s shut himself away in his hilltop home on Mulholland Drive, and everyone is worried about his state of mind,” a source explains, noting that Nicholson’s last public outing was a basketball game in January 2020. The insider says that Nicholson “says he just wants to spend his retirement in peace and quiet. But his loved ones wish he’d make himself a little more accessible.”

It’s not just his family that’s missing out on Nicholson. “Jack’s admitted that he years for one last romance, but how can that happen when he’s hiding at home?” the insider asks, adding that “it’s as if he’s resigned to spending the rest of his life alone,” especially given that he probably celebrated his 84th birthday alone earlier this month. “It’s so sad, but it seems there’s nothing anyone can do for him.”

Is This The Last Of Jack Nicholson?

These claims certainly make for a tragic story, one that’s all too common in the real world. An elderly person ending up alone in their later years is heartbreaking in almost any situation. And to be fair to the tabloid, Jack Nicholson hasn’t really been spotted since January 2020. However, there are a few things to note when considering OK!‘s story.

For one, there’s been a pandemic that specifically and most seriously affects older people with underlying conditions. Nicholson just turned 84 and isn’t exactly in the best of shape, meaning that going on unnecessary outings just to get photographed would be the worst use of his time. Of course, he hasn’t been seen since thousands and thousands of people just like him have died of the contagious virus.

For two, even Nicholson’s courtside appearance in 2020 was rare. The star values his privacy since stepping away from acting, and he didn’t go out all that often even before the pandemic. Still, his last appearance was with his son, and Jack Nicholson has made no secret of how much he loves his children. The actor told Esquire that he found that kids “give your life a resonance that it can’t have without them … As a father, I’m there all the time. I give unconditional love.” We don’t think he’s neglecting his actual inner circle, which brings us to another problem with OK!‘s article.

What little “insight” there is into Nicholson’s life is actually ripped from old interviews he’s done. Back in 2013, he told The Sun about how he’d like one last serious and long-lasting romance, but he doubted it’d ever happen. He also told the outlet while he learned how to live a public life when he was the biggest star in the world, he’s moved on. “Then you get older, you change,” he explained. “I mean, I’m not a loner, I’m not a recluse, but I don’t need all that any more. I don’t enjoy it, simple as that.”

Should Fans Be Worried?

Simply put, we don’t believe there’s much insight in OK!‘s story. Yes, Jack Nicholson doesn’t get out often, and yes, it’s entirely possible that some people that know him are worried about his health as he gets older. However, we don’t think that he’s cut himself off from the world or refusing to even acknowledge his family. OK! just seems to love coming up with sad stories for certain celebrities.

It reported that James Corden was driving off his inner circle thanks to a new diet earlier this month, and it dedicated an entire cover story to a claim about Sandra Bullock abandoning Hollywood entirely a few years back. Heck, it’s even tried to paint Taylor Swift as a recluse, which is just more proof that the tabloid is wrong yet again.

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