Alan Ruck, you’re my hero… ok, maybe that isn’t exactly how the line goes in the 1986 comedy classic, FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, but you hopefully get where I’m coming from! Mr. Ruck knocked it out of the park playing Cameron Fryle, Ferris’s best friend, in the film and I loved seeing him slide back into the part! Yes, nostalgia is playing a huge role in entertainment lately and if that means we get to see more stuff like the commercial up top, then so be it!

The spot starts off by recreating the scene at the beginning of the film when Ferris and Cameron are about to “borrow” Cameron’s father’s sportscar, however there is a much different (and hilarious) end result. I know we will most likely never get an actual sequel to the original, which is fine. I’m just glad we got a little glimpse of one of the beloved characters in this manner; a nice little treat! What did you think of the commercial? Please, let us know below!

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