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It’s the season for giving and between friends, family, and of course, office secret Santa. With our ever growing list of people to shop for, it can be difficult to think of a gift perfect for all occasions and recipients. That’s where comes in.

Though the site naturally offers a mind-boggling array of wines from all over the world, it has so much more than vino to offer. The sheer variety of goods offered is amazing on its own, but the site also offers free shipping on a large portion of its products, which does a lot of work to sweeten the deal. offers a wide variety of gift baskets, boxes, and towers to fit pretty much every occasion and taste. Whether gifting or looking for items to host your own holiday party, the selection and quality can’t be beat.

The Best Wines From Around The World

Naturally, this is the ideal site for the wine lover in your life, and the selection, variety, and quality of the wines truly separates from the competition.

Delight in both wines and champagne from all over the world, including Israel, Portugal, California, Italy, and Chile, among many others. While searching the site, you can filter by region to narrow down your choices even further, which is a handy feature since there’s so much inventory to choose from. 

Wines Of The World Gift Basket

One great gift option is the Wines Of The World Gift Basket, which comes stocked with both red and white wines from Italy, France, Argentina, Spain, and California. The basket also comes with an assortment of chocolates that pair perfectly with the worldly selection of wines. This is one of the baskets that ships for free and is sold for $189.99.

Chardonnay Duo Wine Gift Box

You can also easily shop by wine varietals by using the site’s handy filters. Do you have a loved one that drinks nothing by Chardonnay? Then they are sure to love the Chardonnay Duo Wine Gift Box that contains two bottles of wine with a lovely array of gourmet snacks, all for only $69.99 (including free shipping).

Additionally, you can also filter by specific brand of wine and champagne as well. Naturally, some of the best known fine wines and champagnes are offered by the site like Silver Oak, Dom Pérignon, and Cristal, but users can also sort by other well-known vineyards like 14 Hands, Chateau Ste Michelle, and Robert Mondavi to find the vintage that suits them best.

Dom Pérignon & Truffles Gift Basket

Some of the best gift baskets offered by feature these premium brands, and one that stood out to us was the Dom Pérignon & Truffles Gift Basket, which is the perfect gift for a celebration worthy of the world’s best champagne. This basket is priced at $319.99 and comes with a bottle of Dom Pérignon, as well as handmade truffles from Sweet Shop and Sugar Plum chocolate and strawberry bark.

Classic Charcuterie Tray and Wine Duo Gift

The Classic Charcuterie Tray and Wine Duo Gift was another standout that is sure to please. Featuring two bottles of Chateau Ste Michelle wines from Washington State, this lovely basket also includes fresh charcuterie treats on a wooden tray that can be used again and again, all for just $124.99.

Gifts Beyond Wine is so much more than the wine. Whether you’re looking for a wine-free option or the perfect accompaniment to enjoy along a nice bottle of vino, they’ve got your covered. Plus, they have a number of gourmet brands to choose from.

Sweet Harmony Gourmet Gift Basket

For the chocolate lovers out there, the Sweet Harmony Gourmet Gift Basket is a must. The sinfully delicious offerings in this basket include Gouda cheese, Godiva Masterpieces dark chocolate ganache hearts, Ghirardelli milk chocolate caramel square, and Chocolat Classique cocoa truffles. For just $59.99, this basket can put a smile on someone’s face. It’s also one of the many baskets that ship for free, which makes this deal all the sweeter. 

Additionally, there are fresh options to pick from, including a variety of fresh baked goods and fruits. A selection of cheeses, chocolates, cookies, nuts, as well as savory options like salami and sausage are also available to round out the options has to offer. 

Fruit & Cheese Spectacular Gift Basket

One of our favorite options is the Fruit & Cheese Spectacular Gift Basket which comes with 11 pieces of farm fresh fruit, four different types of cheeses, four kinds of crackers and sticks, as well as Italione red pepper stuffed green olives and Italione Cabernet & fig preserves. Some roasted cashews round out the generous basket. The price tag for all that extravagant, edible luxury? Only $99.99, and the shipping is totally free.  

Cutting Edge Wine & Cheese Board Gift

For the always on-trend person in your life, there’s also a wide variety of in vogue gift options to select from. Charcuterie boards have made an epic comeback in recent years, which is why the Cutting Edge Wine & Cheese Board Gift caught our attention. 

The $73.99 gift set comes with a wooden cutting board, Artigiano Vino Rosso cheese, J&M Cabernet wine biscuits, a bottle of Two Vines Merlot red wine, and lemon & rosemary olives from Oloves. The hardest part of setting up the perfect charcuterie board is gathering the perfect components, and this gift set makes that process easier than ever. This purchase comes with free shipping, which makes it just that much more enticing. 

Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping Today offers so much variety between their different basket options as well as within the baskets themselves, which is why these gifts work so well on so many different levels. It can be an intimate gift for someone close to you, or the perfect gift to hand out at an office holiday party to coworkers you don’t know quite as well.

Almost all of your holiday gift shopping can be completed all on the same site, which is the kind of convenience that’s hard to come by at this time of year. Buying gifts for colleagues, family members, friends, and even lovers has never been easier thanks to this one stop shop. There’s also gift options for every budget, with baskets ranging from $37.99 to $899.99.

There may even be something on the site that catches your eye as a treat for yourself. What’s not to love about that? So be sure to see all the great products and options at

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