Spider-Man 3 set photo Tom Holland mask

While it may be a long time before any of us see movies in a theater, studios are still hard at work on their biggest projects. Hot off completing his part for UNCHARTED, Tom Holland is in Atlanta filming the follow-up to SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. While he shared his arrival in Georgia last week, we now have our first shot of the film in production. In the photo, we see Holland suited up as the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler while remaining COVID conscience for his fellow co-stars and crew. 

Over the last few weeks, Spider-Man 3 stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon arrived on the film’s Georgia set. While much about the film is being kept under wraps at this time, select stars from the production have shared their reactions to the script. Needless to say, each was left feeling stunned by what they’d read, thereby sending a signal to Spidey fans that we’re in for plenty of action and surprises when the movie finally swings into theaters.

Joining Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon for Marvel’s Untitled Spider-Man sequel are Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stephen Strange, Marisa Tomei as May Parker, Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, and Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon / Electro. If you’ve been following the film’s intricate web online, you’ll know that many suspect Spider-Man 3 will further explore Marvel’s multiverse, an element of the Marvel Comics brand that allows characters from alternate realities to enter the fray. In other words, get ready for some crazy crossover events and special guests, because the MCU plans on coming back in a very big way once given the all-clear.

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