Parents beware! Your wallets are now in more danger than ever before! Why? Because Fortnite developer and publisher Epic Games is making a move to the big screen with Gilgamesh, an animated film based on the hero from ancient Mesopotamian mythology.

According to Deadline, Epic Games is partnering with Latin American animation studio Hook Up and Argentinian firms DuermeVela and FilmSharks on the project, which will use Epic’s Unreal Engine technology to chart the exploits and adventures of the king-turned-deity Gilgamesh who was immortalized in the epic poem which bears his name and which is said to have influenced Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad.

The movie, which is set to be presented in both English and Spanish, will explore demigod Gilgamesh’s quest for immortality and his rivalry then friendship with wild man Enkidu.

Directed by Argentinian filmmaker Tomas Lipgot through his DuermeVela label, Gilgamesh will have Epic’s $100M MegaGrants fund aiding the project. The fund is specifically designed to support artists working with Epic’s Unreal Engine technology, the real-time 3D suite of tools used for countless film and video game projects. The tech allows artists to create photoreal visuals to generate immersive experiences and out of this world characters. Used throughout several entertainment industries, the Unreal Engine was vital to developing shows like The Mandalorian and Westworld.

“It’s an honour to see Epic Games supporting Gilgamesh through the Epic MegaGrants program. Although animation has done an excellent job of entertaining through comedy and colorful creatures, there is also a huge appetite and opportunity to share cultural stories and tell larger-than-life mythical tales,” said FilmSharks CEO Guido Rud.

You know what this is going to lead to, don’t you? Gilgamesh-themed items in Fortnite, y’all! I’m talking about character skins, in-game Easter eggs, and maybe even a Battle Pass event in and around the film’s launch. Oh yeah, they’re going to milk the occasion for all it’s worth, and the V-Bucks will flow like wine. My advice is to start saving now. Dun dun dunnn!

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