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Are Brendan Fraser‘s friends fearing the worst after witnessing the star’s “shocking” weight gain? That’s the story one tabloid is pushing this week. Gossip Cop investigates.

Brendan Fraser ‘Stunned’ Fans With Weight Gain?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Brendan Fraser didn’t look like himself while promoting his new film No Sudden Move. Fraser’s first red carpet appearance in years revealed he’s sporting a much fuller figure these days for his upcoming film The Whale. According to the report, the film is a melancholic love story about a 600-pound recluse who left his family to pursue a relationship with another man. While it insists Fraser isn’t planning to reach 600 pounds, he’s packed on as much weight as he can.

The outlet then suggests Fraser is joining the list of great actors who have undergone extreme bodily transformations for roles, like Christian Bale and Russell Crowe. The publication also recounts the toll Fraser’s extreme dedication to his work has taken on his health. Fraser reportedly took seven years to recover from his several spinal injuries and partial knee replacement. On a final note, the tabloid suggests this role might be the actor’s “fatal harpoon.”

‘Bloated’ Brendan Fraser’s Health At Risk?

While it’s true Fraser has undergone significant weight gain for his next role, it’s clear the tabloid had no intention of informing readers on the actor’s next career move. On the contrary, the magazine spends a shameful amount of time criticizing Fraser’s appearance. The outlet launches insult after insult, calling him a “waddling whale” and a “balding, bloated blimp,” as well as alleging he “horrified” fans with his appearance.

The tabloid’s offensive behavior is deplorable but unsurprising. The Globe has been criticized time and time again for its body-shaming tactics. This is the same tabloid that alleged Kelly Clarkson’s friends were urging her to go to a “health and fitness farm.” The outlet has criticized Russell Crowe’s weight on multiple occasions. And more recently, the publication reported Elton John was at risk for a heart attack due to his recent weight gain.

But that’s not all. Plenty of celebrities are too skinny for the tabloid’s liking. Earlier this year, the magazine called Angelina Jolie “skeletal,” alleging she was wearing kids’ clothes. The tabloid also claimed Dolly Parton was “wasting away” on a 500-calorie a day diet. And finally, the outlet went after Jolie again, claiming she was “starving herself” to get Brad Pitt’s attention. The Globe has an unhealthy obsession with celebrities’ weight and shouldn’t be trusted.

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