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Has Tara Reid gone underground? One report says the Scrubs guest star has ghosted all of her friends amid a career slump. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Flaky Tara Goes Silent & Pals Worry!’

Last year, the National Enquirer claimed that Tara Reid had cut off all contact with her friends. An insider said, “Tara used to be a social butterfly and now she’s pulling away from people and not responding to calls or texts.” The Big Lebowski star had her friends worried over the change.

The tabloid said Reid spent much of the new millennium “staggering down red carpets” and “hopscotching around hot spots.” Despite the success of both American Reunion and the Sharknado series, the tabloid said Reid still found herself “firmly stuck on the B-list” over her reputation. A source said, “Tara knows she’s systematically dismantled her professional credibility with her personal life.”

How Is Tara Reid Doing?

A rep for Reid unequivocally refuted this story. They said the actress was “healthier than ever” and had numerous projects lined up. Gossip Cop is more inclined to believe someone with direct access to Reid instead of a crummy tabloid bent on highlighting the worst times of her life.

Nearly a year after the report was first published and Reid is anything but in hiding. She recently revealed that American Pie 5 is currently in the works. In an interview with ET, she said she and the rest of the American Pie cast “all stay in touch in different ways.” So much for cutting off contact with the world.

As for her career, Reid is as in demand now as she’s ever been. She was in five projects in 2020, and IMDb has her connected to as many as 18 different upcoming projects. Reid has carved out a niche for herself in cult movies and is actively working to shed her “party girl” reputation.

Other Bogus Stories

In another story about cutting friends off, the Enquirer once claimed that Kendall Jenner was refusing to appear with Kim Kardashian in public ever again. That 2019 story looks really dumb considering they’re both still on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

As for supposed flagging careers, this outlet once claimed that Lindsay Lohan was begging Tina Fey for work on Broadway, but that never happened. Gossip Cop also debunked its disgusting story about Demi Moore starving herself to relaunch her career. Tara Reid is doing just fine, so this outlet is completely wrong once again.

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