The full moon in Scorpio will take place a 7 degrees around midnight on April 26th. I was a bit worried about this one but now that I’ve taken the time to look into it, I think it has a lot of potential.

There is potential for emotional upset, sure.  But there some key things you work with that will give you an excellent chance of channeling this powerful energy to affect positive change in your life and your family and relationships.  Matter of fact, I think the odds of this are pretty good.

Be aware, the Scorpio moon will face off with a tight stellium in Taurus that includes the sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus. It’s Uranus that has people concerned, I suppose.  But will it really kill you to change (Uranus) your feelings (Moon)? Might you benefit?

The other concern people have is that Saturn in Aquarius squares both side of the opposition,  I think this may be part of the saving grace.

For one thing, Saturn is high functioning in it’s own sign. Will it check the full moon? Of course. I just don’t see a case to be made that will be a negative thing.

I’m trending positive here for another reason.  The moon is involved in a grand trine with Mars in moon-ruled Cancer and Jupiter in Aquarius (out of sign).  When I put this all together, I come up with a generous, resourceful mother, who may shock.

She may shock via her transformation or because she comes in at the last moment with the grace necessary to put things right. This may sound crazy, compared to other things you might read about this full moon, but I stand by it.

I stand by it because I have seen things like this happen in real life, pretty frequently.

Most of us have no idea the strength and fortitude that exists in us.  We have no clue of our own coiled-up-serpent power or the depth of our potential on every front signified by the planets involved here.

Creative, feeling, loving, thinking, giving… all while doing the right thing, where right thing is what’s best for you, your family and all of humanity.

Here’s some advice: Uranus is called, “The Awakener”. Allow this event to wake you up.

How do you feel about this full moon in Scorpio?


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