In a bit of a surprising move, Spectrum has decided to cancel L.A.’s Finest after two seasons. The decision comes a little over a month after the show’s second season launched on the platform.

An offshoot from the BAD BOYS movie franchise, the series was headlined by Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba & it had quite the road to finally getting on the air. The show began as a pilot order on NBC a couple of years ago but the network ultimately passed, not due to quality because they loved the pilot, but because of how pricey the show would be, especially since they didn’t own it. After it did not go to series, studio Sony Pictures TV found a new home for it at Spectrum as the service’s first original series. It had a strong launch which earned it a second-season renewal. Season 2 was originally scheduled to premiere on June 8, 2020, but was pushed to September amid the George Floyd protests against police brutality. All 13 episodes were released at once on September 9, 2020. Season one of L.A.’s Finest is currently airing on Fox, which acquired the series for its fall schedule that was impacted by the pandemic-related production shutdown. It got off to a solid ratings start though the numbers have slipped since its premiere on the network.

The BAD BOYS spinoff followed Syd Burnett (Union), who was last seen in Bad Boys II taking down a drug cartel and has since left her complicated past to become an LAPD detective. Paired with a new partner, Nancy McKenna (Alba), a working mom with an equally complex history, Syd was forced to confront how her unapologetic lifestyle was masking a greater personal secret. Taking on the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles while skirting the rules, and speed limits, Syd and Nancy became a force to be reckoned with – on the streets, and in each other’s lives.

Were YOU watching L.A.’s Finest? Sad to see it go?

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