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Everyone wants to be Batman. You know it. I know it, and so does Gal Gadot. Fortunately, it’s thanks to places like Spirit Halloween and other venues that you can purchase your own Batsuit, though there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

In honor of this past weekend’s Batman Day, Gal Gadot posted a video of herself trying on Ben Affleck’s Bat cowl while filming 2017’s Justice League.

“It’s not that bad,” Gadot says after trying on the cowl. “Or my head is not that big,” she then quips. According to many who’ve suited up as DC’s Dark Knight, light-weight Batman gear does not exist. Part of the reason why actors bulk up for more modern-day takes on the character is that it’s impossible to move inside the suit without a bit of extra muscle. In Gadot’s case, she’s only modeling the cowl, and we already know that her neck muscles are ace from training to be Wonder Woman. In the video, a makeup artist eventually adds lipstick to the ensemble and jokes that she could be Batman’s sister.

You can watch the video of Gadot trying on the Bat cowl below:

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Gadot has word the cowl. She previously wore the iconic headgear from a Halloween photoshoot. At the time, Gadot remarked that she felt excited to wear it, and the photo has lived rent-free in our minds ever since.

Check it out:

Gadot’s next film is the Netflix action comedy Red Notice. She stars alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming film, which focuses on an Interpol agent tasked with tracking down the world’s most wanted art thief.

How do you think Gal Gadot looks in the Batman cowl? You can watch the trailer for Red Notice below. I hope you had a great Batman Day, everybody!

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