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My inner child is screaming right now, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO Max is joining forces with Topps, Tornante, and Danny McBride’s Rough House Pictures for an animated series featuring The Garbage Pail Kids. That’s right, fellow kids, those corrupted Caggage Patch Kid rejects are going from the trading card scene to a small screen near you.

McBride’s Garbage Pail Kids project is currently in development at HBO Max There’s a twist, though. Are you ready for this? The plan is for McBride and his Rough House apartment David Green to make it a family-friendly affair. By that, I mean that the duo is looking for it to appeal to all ages, not just 40-year olds like me who still own hundreds of the original GPK trading cards.

McBride, Green, and Josh Bycel (Hulu’s Solar Opposites) will write and co-create the series. Tornante TV’s Noel Bright and Steven A. Cohen will exec produce alongside Rough House’s Brandon James (The Righteous Gemstones) alongside McBride, Green, and Bycel. For the moment, McBride has no plans to lend his voice to the project, but c’mon, we all know he’d make for a great Ali Gator.

Garbage Pail Kids was created in 1985 by baseball card giant Topps, and was presented as a parody of the Xavier Roberts’ Cabbage Patch Kids line of dolls. The Garbage Pail Kids themselves were characters inspired by gross-out gags and crude spins on pillars of pop culture. A live-action movie and animated series based on the property were released in 1987, though most never speak of them. Except for me! I love the live-action Garbage Pail Kids movie. In fact, I saw it in theaters despite it being pulled from circulation a few weeks in because parents couldn’t handle it. For me, it’s an awfully good film that manages to be both wonderful and horrible at the same time.

Are you excited to hear that the Garbage Pail Kids are poised for a comeback on the small screen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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