WEEK OF August 30 – September 5, 2021

Playing it cool, Gemini? Time’s up on that! Starting this Monday, August 30, your articulate astrological ruler, Mercury, kicks off a long, passionate journey through Libra and your showstopping fifth house. Get ready to make a much bigger impact! Whether you broadcast an Instagram Live, dance it out on TikTok or let your work speak for itself, people want MORE of you between now and November 5. Not quite ready for a big reveal? Polish up your efforts behind the scenes. No matter where you are in your process, plan to slip off the radar while Mercury is retrograde from September 27 to October 18. You don’t have go completely dark; simply build suspense. Engage people in your behind-the-scenes process and they’ll be cheering you on to victory.

And let’s talk about love! This flirty, flamboyant Mercury cycle rewards romantic initiative—and may even draw an old flame back into the picture during the retrograde. If you plan to reopen that door, proceed with cautious optimism. The timing may be right for a round two, but you might not be certain until this Mercury cycle ends on November 5. When it comes to dating, be your enthusiastic self. If you’re getting a warm reception, great; if not, keep it moving. Why waste time on anyone who DOESN’T reciprocate, anyway? Coupled Geminis, take the wheel as the entertainment director in your relationship. (Yes, even if you wish your boo would generate more dinner dates.) Rip up the scorecard and keep on planning the adventures a deux that Twins have such a knack for sourcing.

If you have a big decision on the table, Thursday’s skies could muddle your thinking. Fast-and-furious Mars locks into its annual opposition to foggy Neptune, poking holes in the best-laid plans. But maybe it’s best to hit pause, Gemini, and take stock of your feelings. While they’re not the same as “facts” per se, it’s important to listen to your own inner guidance. If a voice of doubt is chiming in, it may be for one of two reasons: Either you need more information or the data you have is not making sense. Instead of fueling this (temporary) loss of perspective, slow down and do your due diligence. A little self-care goes a long way to soothe your central nervous system. After streaming a yoga class and having a proper meal (eaten far away from your desk and devices), you’ll feel refreshed and ready to deal.

Tuck your cards closer to your vest this weekend. While Venus is fluttering in your passionate fifth house (along with Mercury), she gets in a dynamic dustup with secretive Pluto in your intimacy zone. Baring every part of your soul may be tempting, especially if you’re sharing a deep moment. But during this 90-degree square, it’s unwise to put your trust in people too quickly. By the same token, don’t be SO secretive that you throw people off your trail. Sprinkle suggestive breadcrumbs that signal obvious interest without gushing. If people are meant to be in your life, they’ll pick up on the cues and respond with a hot pursuit.

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