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The tabloids are always drawing interest in creating speculation regarding the status of George and Amal Clooney’s relationship status. Last year, one magazine alleged the pair was on the rocks, forcing George to secretly renovate a new bachelor pad. Today, Gossip Cop is looking back on the narrative. 

George Clooney Renovates Mansion In Secret? 

One year ago, an article published by Woman’s Day claimed that the Clooneys had tension growing between them, evidenced by an extensive renovation to their home. Although George said that the upgrades were for his twins’ new play cottage, insiders had a different story. Apparently, the actor was actually “preparing a bachelor pad in the event of a split,” a source leaked. 

According to the same insider, things weren’t looking up for the couple since Amal was “spending more time in London and Italy” while George hung back in LA “drinking with his pals.” The source leaked that the couple’s recent problems may prove that there’s “some truth to the fact that Amal wanted more children and George didn’t.” 

What’s Going On With The Clooneys?

So was any of Woman’s Day’s narrative true? One year ago, Gossip Cop didn’t find any truth in the story, and we still don’t today. The outlet failed to commit to a single narrative throughout the entire article. A lot of wishy-washy language prevented the tabloid from sticking to a story, which discredited the article as a whole. Overall, George and Amal Clooney were doing just fine at the time the original story was published and continue to do so today

After the news about the renovations subsided, the tabloids moved on to claiming George and Amal Clooney were saving their relationship with a baby. For example, New Idea claimed Amal was sporting a baby bump in late July at what it said was a vow renewal. OK! hopped on the story as well, writing that “the buzz is they’re having twins again.” Both outlets alleged the new pregnancy was the one thing that saved the couple’s marriage.

Every part of those stories was false, too. First, the “vow renewal” was actually just a dinner party. Second, there was zero evidence of a new baby, and there hasn’t been since the stories were released. It’s clear the tabloids love drawing attention to one of the most famous couples in the world, even if it means making up bogus rumors.

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