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Say what you will about Gerard Butler, but when it comes to action thrillers, the guy is an exceedingly safe bet for studios. While his movies don’t break records at the box office, movies like DEN OF THIEVES and his Mike Banning series always turn a hefty profit, with his recent GREENLAND scoring a hefty HBO Max deal. Hot on the heels of the recent announcement that he’d be re-teaming with Rick Roman Waugh for another OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN sequel, comes Deadline‘s news that THE PLANE, a Gerard Butler thriller that Lionsgate dropped out of just a few days ago, has been picked up by Solstice Studios. 

This seems like a good bet for the up-and-coming studio, who did pretty well on UNHINGED this summer. In it, Butler is set to play a commercial airline pilot named “Ray Torrance (Butler) who heroically lands his storm-damaged aircraft on a remote jungle island in the Philippines, only to find himself stranded in a lawless war zone and the newfound target of ruthless pirates gunning to take the plane and its passengers hostage. As the world searches for the missing aircraft amidst a growing media frenzy, Ray must keep his passengers alive long enough to be found or to find a way out.”

The film is set to reunite him with his DEN OF THIEVES director, Christian Gudegast. Butler is currently shooting COP SHOP with Joe Carnahan & Frank Grillo, before hopping over to the United Arab Emirates to shoot another thriller, KANDAHAR. 

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