Whenever a child is in danger in a horror film, it tends to add a little extra terror. After all, it’s horrifying to see innocence lost. Now make that young character someone on the autism spectrum, it’s all the more compelling. COME PLAY explores this heartbreakingly frightening idea. Based on his short film Larry, writer/director Jacob Chase has crafted a spooky flick about a monster that appears to be seeking a friend. The beast seemingly finds that in Oliver (Azhy Robertson), a boy who is struggling with bullies, and a mother and father (Gillian Jacobs and John Gallagher Jr.) trying to keep their family together. This monstrous new pal happens to get its energy from the one thing that helps Oliver communicate, his iPad. And let’s say this creature isn’t quite as kind-hearted as you’d hope for a new best friend.

We recently sat down with Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr., and the man behind this spooky tale, Mr. Jacob Chase. Having just watched the short film, I was intrigued as to what brought Jacob to bring in a character with autism. He opened up about that, as well as finding the right actor to make it work. He discussed the challenge of not exploiting autism and giving us a realistic character, one with who we can sympathize.  As for the parents, both Gillian and John talked about creating a couple dealing with the intense issues that come up in the film. As well, the two discussed their connection to horror movies, and what it was like working with Jacob and bringing this scary story to life.  COME PLAY will be available this Friday on your favorite streaming service and select theatrical release.

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