Action star Ralf Moeller (Gladiator, Universal Soldier) is in talks to join Alexander Nevsky for the Assault on Rio Bravo sequel.

The follow up will be once again directed by Joe Cornet, and written by Craig Hamann. Eric Brenner once more acts as executive producer.

Ralf had this to say exclusively to Arrow in the Head at

I’m a big fan of the Western genre and my all time favorites are “Wild Bunch” and “One Eyed Jacks”. I’ll be glad to work with director Joe Cornet as I I enjoyed his film “Promise”. I also look forward to making a movie with my friend Alexander Nevsky!”

Moeller will play a German immigrant who came to America as a railroad engineer but joined the Union Army during the Civil War.He later becomes a gunfighter.

Joe Cornet and Ralf Moeller

Composer Sean Murray and fight choreographer Art Camacho will also return to work on the sequel.

Actors Matthias Hues, Joe Cornet, Anna Oris, Natalie Denise Sperl and John Fallon will reprise their roles from the first film.

And rumor has it that this is not the final bit of news that will surface about Assault on Rio Bravo 2.

Let’s just say… we hope that there is a good reason why legend Arnold Schwarzenegger (below) showed up at Nevsky’s Birthday celebration wearing a cowboy hat.

Stay tuned!

Alexander Nevsky and Arnold Schwarzenegger

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