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Even though NBC canceled the 2022 Golden Globe Awards following an intense backlash earlier this year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association still intends to award the best of the best in film and TV without the television ceremony.

The Golden Globe Awards, which began running in 1944, are usually held the second Sunday of January each year but the HFPA dealt with extensive criticism because reports of the inner workings of the organization in early 2021 exposed some ugly truths about the association. The ethically dicey nominations process came under fire when it was revealed that the HFPA contained no Black members. Once a lot of this went public, Netflix, Amazon, and WarnerMedia all announced they were boycotting the ceremony until meaningful reforms were instituted. Tom Cruise even returned his Golden Globe Awards in protest. Eventually, more industry figures began to publicly protest the HFPA and this led NBC to drop the 2022 telecast of the ceremony.

Even though we won’t see a lavish Golden Globe Awards ceremony, “Deadline” reports that the HFPA will move forward with plans to honor this year’s achievements in film and TV. The HFPA has overhauled its leadership and inducted 21 new members with a focus on cultivating diversity. The HFPA sent out eligibility guidelines to studios and networks on October 8 to have their projects considered for awards attention and they also confirmed that their new members will be voting. As of now, it’s unclear if the ceremony will be held in some form or if the actual awards will be handed out at all. It could very well just be an acknowledgment of the work without all the bells and whistles.

The Golden Globe Awards tends to be the more fun awards ceremony of the bunch because it’s a bit looser (celebrities typically are downing champagne throughout the night which can lead to some hilarious moments) and it brings together the world of film and TV. NBC has given the Golden Globe Awards timeslot to the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in 2022 which has a similar vibe.

What are YOUR thoughts on the Golden Globes still being awarded without a television ceremony?

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