Greenland, sequel, Gerard Butler, Greenland: mirgration

Gerard Butler has another potential franchise in his hands. The Scottish actor is set to reprise his role as John Garrity in the GREENLAND sequel, Greenland: Migration.

The filmmaking teams behind the original film are also set to return, including the director Ric Roman Waugh as well as screenwriter Chris Sparling. Butler’s co-star, Morena Baccarin, will also return as Allison Garrity. In the sequel, the Garrity family, who survive a near-extinction level event when an interstellar comet hits the Earth, must leave the safety of the Greenland bunker and embark on a perilous journey across the decimated frozen wasteland of Europe to find a new home.

Greenland debuted last summer and, despite having to deal with a box office that was seriously impacted by the pandemic, the film did pretty good business. The film opened at No.1 in more than 26 offshore markets and ultimately grossed $52.3 million worldwide on a $35 million budget. The film eventually debuted digitally on SVOD followed by an exclusive run in the U.S. on HBO Max, where it also found success.

Are YOU excited for the Greenland sequel? Greenland: Migration is expected to start shooting in 2022.

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