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It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when it was believed that Guardians of the Galaxy would be Marvel’s first true flop. Given that the movie revolved around characters most people weren’t familiar with at the time, including a talking raccoon, that sentiment is easy to understand. In The Story of Marvel Studios, the new book by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, Kevin Feige said that they considered introducing the Guardians of the Galaxy in a series of Marvel One-Shots.

We toyed with the idea of doing short films on Drax, on Rocket and Groot, and on Gamora, leading up to Guardians. This One-Shot series would have led into the Guardians movie proper – which would have also been directly preceded by a fourth self-contained short film about a mysterious kid who loved fantasy things. Then you’d start Guardians. And half-way through, we would reveal that big space hero is the kid from the short. We thought that would be clever, but it was too much.

At the time leading up to the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel was still producing their One-Shots, a series of short films designed to be little self-contained stories expanding on characters and mythology of the franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director James Gunn chimed in on Twitter and confirmed that the Guardians of the Galaxy One-Shots were in development at one point but wound up being too much to take on.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is expected to start shooting next month and it was announced two weeks ago that Will Poulter had signed on to play Adam Warlock. The sequel will be released on May 5, 2023.

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