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It’s official: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are finally married. The two Voice coaches tied the knot Saturday in Oklahoma. A year ago, one tabloid claimed the couple was planning to spend $10 million on two lavish wedding ceremonies. Gossip Cop is revisiting the story to see how far the couple has come down the aisle. 

Two Lavish Weddings 

Before they were even engaged, Us Weekly ran a piece this time last year saying the couple had begun to countdown to two lavish weddings: one in Oklahoma and the other at their Los Angeles mansion. “These will be the two most special days of their lives, so they’re going all out,” a secret source told the outlet.

At the time of publication, the source indicated the couple was looking at a July or August wedding date, though they left off the year they were thinking. “It all depends on the availability of certain family members and friends,” the source said. Because of the pandemic, Shelton and Stefani wanted “to ensure that all their loved ones can safely attend before setting anything in stone,” in order to throw “a very, very big party.” The outlet predicted over 200 guests were to be invited to both weddings, with the LA ceremony being more intimate and the Oklahoma one being the “big blowout celebration.”

Gossip Cop’s Take

Keep in mind this article ran before the couple was even engaged. Shelton didn’t officially propose until October 2020. The outlet turned out to be right that the eventual wedding would happen in the summer. However, according to People, Shelton and Stefani had only one ceremony in Oklahoma this weekend. It wasn’t a “big blowout” event. Instead, only 40 guests attended the nuptials. It’s possible the duo could plan another wedding in California, but odds are that the couple will stick with the one. 

Us Weekly is often wrong about the musical couple and has run multiple false stories since this one was published. Last August, the pair were reportedly ready to have a baby as soon as possible. Even though Stefani wore a poofy dress on Saturday, she clearly was not pregnant. An article released in April claimed the couple’s wedding details were leaked, an almost identical story with this one from last summer. Just like this one, that story got a lot of the eventual wedding details wrong. A month ago, the magazine said the couple was ready to call it quits after a huge fight. Obviously, Us Weekly can’t get its story straight.

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