It’s hard to look at yourself objectively.  It’s also hard to find a friend who will be honest with you about what he or she might notice as far as patterns in your life that seem to create problems.

Astrology is enormously helpful in this regard.  It excels as revealing parts of a person’s character which they be unaware of.

This subject is of great interest to me. It’s one of the main ways that astrology has changed my life. If you’ve been studying the subject long enough, I’m sure you’ve had an occasion where you snapped and realized, uh oh… it was me, not them, or some such thing.

It’s really common that one aspect in a person’s chart causes most of their problems.  It’s the 80/20 rule. Cracking something like this will changesyour life.

You can compare this to walking around with a piece of glass in your foot that you don’t know is there. No one tells you, “Hey! There’s a chunk of glass on the bottom of your right foot and not only that, you can remove it…”

For tips on where to begin your search for your own blind spots check this:

Using Astrology To Identify A Person’s Psychological Blind Spots

I’ve thought about teaching a class on this. I have already done something similar. Blind spots hinder a person to no end!

Using Astrology To Solve Problems & Get What You Want!

If you like to do-it-yourself or if you’re an astrologer, that workshop will help you, tremendously. But what if you just want information? Is there a piece of glass in my foot? Where? I can tell you.

You won’t get a lot of coddling in thirty minutes but you will get the raw data.  From there you can decide how to proceed.

Astrology is crisp and clean, efficient and effective. No wonder I’ve stuck with it for all these years.



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