We knew the Hellraiser reboot with David Bruckner (The Ritual, The Night House) signed on to direct was getting close to going into production, since Odessa A’zion was recently cast o play a lead character named Riley, but we didn’t know when it was supposed to start filming. As it turns out, the project has managed to go into production without anyone knowing; producer David S. Goyer just revealed to the folks at Collider that the new Hellraiser is “in the midst of filming” right now!

Goyer came up with the story for the new film, and the screenplay has been written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski (Super Dark Times).

The original Hellraiser was about

a puzzle box that opens a gateway to a horrific world and Cenobites, mutilated beings dedicated to torture and led by one nicknamed Pinhead. The movie quickly achieved cult status, spawning a franchise that would encompass ten movies, comics, and merchandise, with Pinhead and his visage at the center of it.

Goyer chose not to give away any details while speaking to Collider, but he did confirm that this Hellraiser is shooting for an R rating – and that

we went back to (Clive Barker’s) original novella for the source material, we’re really honoring Clive’s work. I can say that David Bruckner is a genius. It’s filming right now. The footage is terrifying and amazing, and the Cenobites are jaw-dropping.”

Bruckner recently said they are

aiming to be as true as we can to the original material. [Clive Barker’s original story] ‘The Hellbound Heart’ is also a primary source of inspiration, as well as the original film. But then it is something of a small reimagining and we are currently working on it.”

We’ll keep you updated on the new Hellraiser as more information is revealed. I have a feeling they’re going to be keeping these “jaw-dropping” Cenobites hidden from us for a while, but maybe they’ll surprise us and show off the new Pinhead earlier than expected.

The new Hellraiser is set up at Spyglass Media and will be released through the Hulu streaming service. A release date has not yet been announced.

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