Henry Golding, Noomi Rapace, and Sam Neill to star in Assassins Club

A killer film project called Assassin Club has just emerged from the shadows, and it stars Henry Golding (Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, Crazy Rich Asians), Noomi Rapace (Prometheus, Lamb), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, Event Horizon), and Daniela Melchior (The Suicide Squad).

The film directed by Camille Delamarre (Transporter: Refueled) has already wrapped filming in Turin, Italy, with production and financing being handled by Film Bridge International and 828 Media Capital.

According to Deadline, Assassin Club takes place in the world of international spies and elite assassins. In this world of contract killers, Morgan Gaines (Henry Golding) is the best of the best. When Morgan is hired to kill six people around the world, he soon discovers all the targets are also assassins unknowingly hired to kill each other. Rapace plays Falk, the only assassin with skills to match his own. Under the guidance of his mentor Jonathan Caldwell (Neill), Morgan must defeat Falk and the other assassins to keep himself and his girlfriend Sophie (Melchior) alive.

“Our director Camille Delamarre came to this project with an inspired vision, and we look forward to his remarkable talents in the editing room. When the film is completed, it will be a thrilling ride for audiences throughout the world. Assassin Club is a fast-paced mix of pulse-pounding action and espionage – all set within the beautiful backdrop of Italy,” said FBI’s Jordan Dykstra. “We can’t wait to share it with the world.”

It sounds like the team behind Assassin Club has embraced the art of stealth while shooting this new film. How else would you get stars like Golding, Rapace, Neill, and Melchior to remain under the radar like this? In a time when movies revolving around contract killers are a dime-a-dozen, I must admit that I’m not bored with them yet. With such an impressive cast, I can’t wait to see what Assassin Club has to offer fans of intense action and espionage.

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