My husband is a man’s man. He’s an alpha male who has spent his entire life working in male dominated professions like the military, machining and trucking.  He’s got a lot of insight into the male psyche.

He once told me he felt all women were vicious. It sparked the post linked below. Coming across it yesterday, I asked him if he thought women were more vicious than men.  Without hesitation, he said they were.

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Mothering instinct?”

Well that made sense. Most any mother will tell you about how she’ll claw your eye out if you get near her babies.

“So like a women gets divorced and goes after the man – wants to destroy him?” I asked. I know he feels this way.

“Yeah, but they’ll do it to their friends too” he said. “They’ll go after their friends like that…” I could easily think of examples of this.

“Men won’t do that?”

“No. Not usually.”

“What if someone messes around with a man’s wife?”

“Well… he might kill you for that. A man reaches a breaking point… he may punch your lights out.”

“But that’s it?”


“What about men who stalk women?”

“Something is wrong with them.”

I can’t disagree with anything he said.  Can you?

Here’s the other post:

What Is A Vicious Woman?

Is it true, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?


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