The holidays are upon us! 2020 has been a crazy year, and with all that’s happened, many of us are a little less prepared for holiday shopping than we normally are. To that end, I’ll be releasing a gift guide for each sign. So if you’re stumped about what to get someone or just too exhausted to think about it, check out the guides for inspiration!

Virgo is known for their earthiness and discerning eye. Getting Virgo a gift they can actually use on a daily basis is the goal. So when shopping for Virgo, think practicality and value.

  • Virgo is famous for burning the candle at both ends. So why not support their work and make it fun by getting them a subscription to Atlas Coffee Club? Give them that sweet caffeine fix with a curated sampling of coffee from around the world delivered to their door each month.
  • Virgo loves to be prepared for any possible circumstance. So make that a dream a reality with the Wallet Ninja. This credit card-sized tool serves as a cellphone stand, wrench, mini-screwdriver, ruler, and fruit peeler. It can even open bottles, boxes, and cans! It’s everything you could possibly need all in one tiny package.
  • Virgo can sometimes be a little anxious or high-strung. So give them a little dose of calm with a gorgeous Zen Garden. Or if your person has that classic Virgo wit, they’ll enjoy Zen as F*ck, a hilarious journal that will walk them through affirmations, writing prompts, and activities meant to inject some serenity into their lives along with a side of humor.
  • While Virgo has a reputation for being prim and proper, the truth is that most of them have a secretly dirty sense of humor. If you’re buying for your Virgo beloved, appeal to their humor with a naughty card like this or this. They’ll bust a gut while appreciating that you know them well enough to risk being a little off-color.

Whether your Virgo needs some calm, a good laugh, or to simplify their lives, this guide has you covered.

What do you think Virgo would like? Add your ideas to the list!


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