Mercury in Scorpio is closing an opposition with Uranus in Taurus at this time. The aspect will be exact on October 7th. That seems a ways out, but I’m sick to death of this stellium in Capricorn. I’m interested in the future!

Mercury is associated with news and information. Conversation. Emails. Scorpio-flavored, though. Secret. Taboo. Betrayal. Manipulation.

Uranus shocks. Taurus rules money. I see all kinds of crap erupting and I do mean crap. But beyond that, timing is highlighted here. Possible computer glitches. Weird stock market stuff. The message will change.

On another level and in another realm, you might have a brilliant idea or breakthrough, most likely due to something you read or see, or what someone says to you.

So pay attention.  Uranus will spark ideas but it’s not known for hanging around, beating you over the head with some insight.  It’s more like a joke that goes over your head, which can easily happen when you’re distracted by a sea of minutiae out there that is designed to distract you!

This reminds me of the day I decided to become an astrologer, or a blogger for that matter. The idea came and I acted, immediately.

What do you know about Mercury in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus?  Seeing any signs of this?



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