If you play video games, then you know that the final boss in the game often takes on more than one form. You beat them down, and they resurrect themselves, and a new, fully healed iteration springs up. This typically results in three versions of the end boss. To my eye, that is what we’re dealing with now.

The cardinal clash has been dominating the cosmic weather all year. And this month, we enter the final phase. We are at the first form of the end boss.

On the 4th, Pluto goes direct, meaning that all the big players in Capricorn are now moving forward.  For most of the month, these planets will be in a harsh T-square with retrograde Mars in Aries and the Sun in Libra.

While all this is happening, Mercury will oppose Uranus, then turn retrograde and oppose him again. Expect long-hidden secrets to come to light.

Finally, Venus moves into Virgo on the 2nd and will oppose Neptune on the 18th. This can bring some sweet escape, but it can also create more confusion.

But the good news is that we’re on the home stretch. This is the end boss. While it will take other forms in the next few months, the point is that we’re finally coming to the end. Soon it will be a new game and a new story. So gird your loins and charge into battle. Now is when heroes are made.

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