My aspects are as follows:
I am
Chiron @ 8 degree Aquarius conjunct
Mercury @ 8 degree Aquarius
both in 12 House line conjunt
Ascendant is @ 8 degree Aquarius
also close within 3 degree conjunct
Ketu S.Node @10 degree Aquarius in the 1st House


Pluto and
Rahu and N.Node in Leo @ 22/21 degree descending @ 7th house line respectively.

Sextiles To Ascendant form Yod to 5th House with Mars @10 degree Gemini and 9th House with Neptune Retrograde 48 degree Virgo.
“Sidereal” with equal houses.

Restless legs, excessive energy, and reactive especially to the Moon in Taurus 4th House conjunct IC 20/23 degree respectively?

It seems it is a stress challenge ultimately to the personality =rising sign and soul =Sun sign challenge in this placement at the Ascendant, karmic lesson for certain to help us evolve?

Eyes commented on/about by others, complemented most of my life about them clarity, bright, color, intelligent, soulful, old soul quality.
Although under stress the dark under the eyes becomes pronounced, not baggy but evident.
I can give a look that can wound, so I keep it under control by choice.

Kindergarten through Middle School: I grew taller/bigger and bolder, a bit of a maverick and rascal than most of my schoolmates.
Bullied young, due to overweight/large stature despite the fact I could overpower them I had a kind demeanor.
Age, 14 was developed to a mature looking young adulthood.
Body image continues to be at issue, bullied in grade school until I slimmed in my teens got taste of popularity didn’t fit me, to a degree, eased those stresses by default though,
Although I processed, examined, understand, and healed, forgave/forgive.
Body Image Self Esteem issues persists.
Need to let this go, doesn’t serve any good I can think of to maintain.
Physically active, athletic, forearms above average strength, muscular/not out of proportion though.
involved in student affairs, good grades extracurricular activity, parties, and outdoor camping and water sports.
Traveled to Europe, around the USA before,

First Job: traveled to other side of USA and
Became a teacher at 21 y.o. of a post secondary degree school for adult education where I was younger than my students, heady experience, but I stayed down to earth, taught holistic health. Had a private practice with my remedies and advice for wellness to assist with healing others.
An unforeseen malady forced me to work blue collar work until disability.
ave always had many strange pains, issues and odd injuries from accidents at work. Endure and mitigate stresses of living on fixed income and with hard to diagnose pain.

Tendency to be younger than I am in appearance and attitude.

Spirit for zest in my personal experience dramatically, think youthfully as a child,

although now,facing aging, accepting the releasing of what that entails still fascinated with the learning.

would step in and up to bullies/bullying and won’t back down until detente or deescalation/now activist.

I have a pretty face/nice skin quick to comprehend multilevel of meaning of a scene and people while

My frame is rounder “apple” when over the weight; I have the Aquarian torso type.

Generally, I appear to weigh less than I do.

Stocky and muscular frame stronger than most females at my 5’7″ height.

Red in face if blush/exercise/holds heat inward.

Easily comprehend spiritual and afterlife, metaphysical experience and the human condition/dreams at the worst/best.

Now about your request…
A comment about your “waves of pain,” in hopes it may be helpful to you.

This is my experiences with phantom pains, however I have had the pancreatic pain, the gall bladder pain, and some kidney pain at “one” time each, also had surgeries for hernia, and a few others, and know gut distress and stomach ache, acid re flux but none of these nor knee pain, sciatica, or my hip and spine arthritis can explain this other strange not diagnosed phantom type pain I have experienced on and off most of my life, details as follows if you are inclined to look into this: with my successes and techniques working for me.

To preface:
Some say nerve pain can radiate from the effects of TMJ
(Temporal Mandibular Joint)Displacement syndrome
ask your dentist or chiropractor to determine this, it is the Jaw joint, Often due to many causes in this case of the aspect I presume that it could be found in persons with this aspect,due to, the self esteem and self consciousness causes tendency to grind teeth at night overtime misalignment can occur or just hold tightly jaw clinch which impacts the hepatic nerve causing stiff muscles in neck, rib cage pain, even back pain, mostly though phantom pain from the arms feels like weakness and venous pressure but it is pulse like in waves with no particular rhythm or rhyme for it unpredictable, in my experience very close to the phantom experience associated to this aspect. Also tingles in the fingers/hands can occur to some.

Hard to suffer what is not understood:

I found a denial from people who do not see the injury not being apparent and therefore, seemingly to me, cannot comprehend the stress and pain. This misunderstanding and refusal to support a person in pain was difficult for me emotionally coming from some people close to me as well although it impacts the day to day experience and ability to distraction.

It was debilitating at the height of the experience for a period of a couple months in my case. I can describe it this way: Like the pulse of the old fashioned 1950’s flash bulbs used on old cameras which had a kind of pressure wave following the light of the flash bulb. That feeling I noted felt similar to the puffs and waves I attributed to this syndrome, as if in my “auric field” and/or skin neuron receptors gone awry expanding inches beyond the skin, a strange neurological phenomenon if it is not effected from these choices that I have opted to suggest as theories herein.

The experience is like there is a balloon type wave that passes within the core/arms/to the feet and I visualized that it is like a “Torus field” perhaps generated from the chakra as my personal theory? It starts soft, gets puffy, gathers to a puff or release and quickly subsides. No set rhythm. No way to know when or if another was to follow. No fever or chills associated with the episode. Short couple of seconds in duration.

Mine was solar plexus area chakra, and sometimes heart chakra, but it feels in my experience like the throat – thyroid has been slowed and tighter, and one or combination of the following experiences made it worse such as lack of interest, lack of thoughtful self expression, injuries, shocks, or environmental, or unknown causes.

When I have had shock and/or serious psychological pain/chronic stress residual due to not being understood, blamed or victimized, or incident physically that caused exacerbation and return of the syndrome was not far behind, psychosomatic, neurological chemical reactivity? Ruled out.

However, my seeking some allopathic MD explanation for this experience it seems turned out to work against me, thereby, alienating for me. Although for me disappointing and without recourse as they have no clue apparently, how to aid me.

Could these things trigger/contribute to?
There has been suggestion by new age and science groups on this “era” time we are living in, regarding our place in the galaxy, the alignment that Earth is being affected with multiple factors including gravity waves, solar radiation, and magnetic field flux with the solar winds and a reverse solar wind/galactic waves, so pick your favorite as a trigger for ramping up symptoms, and healing crisis opportunity while each of us has to adjust terrestrially. Could these be factors in this experience?

These factors apparently experienced in the recent past globally over the past few decades, ensure that these put more stress on us than we realize. Many of these occurrences haven’t happened to human beings for thousands of years, and has not been experienced by our recent ancestors.

DNA activation and energies, that change our genetics may activate these feelings along with normal terrestrial living conditions/modern living, stresses, conditions/pollutants/sedentary lifestyle of our culture, may contribute in unknown ways, in my opinion, are not to be ruled out as potential triggering factors.

I experience these feelings as odd puffs, poofs, and releases-which- seem to be very apparent and impossible to deny or ignore. As a wave of water may be channeled into a shore rock feature compressed and splashed by the force, but the energy simply feels like a pulse.
Not from blood pressure, nor imagined or normal organic nerve pain either, something hard to put to words.
Not comprehended by medical establishment that I have found, as they look stumped when I describe the experience.

If it helps, if this sounds like what you are experiencing I offer you information about my own process, over time I tried many things to cope,
What worked for me:

DBT Dialectical Behavioral strategy a take off of Buddhism style “meditation” practice formed into mainstream practice that counselors use and groups gather to practice and learn has helped me to deal with these difficult to diagnose scenarios as does also. Search it, you may find a group in your area.

Working on increasing relaxation with breathing,

Checking the facts,
Checking in with yourself,
awareness and
choosing to remain calm.

Taking time for myself rather than rushing to aid everyone else was the key to allowing time for self care.
I am inclined to make others feel better, fix problems, resolve issues like a superhero to my own detriment.

Get supportive and understanding people in your close proximity and drop the vampire types that usurp your vital force, trigger you mercilessly, or make demands that are excessive, they will find someone else to parasite. You don’t need to be their victim.

You need to keep what works; release with love what doesn’t, and repeat.

I increased organic vegetables/fruits kept regular meals.
reduced toxic foods avoided GMOS.

With meditation

and in time the experience lessened, waned, then subsided.

I noticed I felt more empowered to take time for me with practice and intention and with attention to the emotions, acknowledge them, resolve them, transcend them.

Self expression, self awareness, speaking truth… yours.

Free flowing Expression helps,
Acceptance of the situation, lovingly release it, see the gift hiding in it, be grateful, and conscious releasing of it, believe in your power to effect your own outcome with the power of this assertion, belief, and practice.

Stay to the middle road. Moderation, with this and anything in life. Humility is a good policy to stay clear of extremes in any area of life and you can maintain this clarity and your flow to your best outcome.

I have not heard anyone speak of these symptoms before your comment. Your words reminded me of my own experience.

So I hope this helps you in some way and is not too far afield of your meaning.

One additional thing,
Drinking water seems ubiquitous to many cures for the body however I cannot stress to you enough this one thing, even doing non caffeinated teas or any way to stay hydrated has an immediate impact on reducing severity of this feeling/experience.

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