When Pluto transits natal Mercury, the intensity is mind-boggling.  It’s like any other Pluto transit. You can’t glean what all is going on and probably won’t be able to assimilate it all for ten years!

You’re likely to experience a communication (Mercury) blackout (Pluto). This might happen because you shut down. In other cases, you may be shut out. What you say repulses people – they drop you.

You’ll have a lot of insight, though.  Could be more than you’d like! Perceiving other people’s underpinnings isn’t necessarily pleasant.

There’s not a lot of relief with this transit. It can manifest as paranoia.

It’s also common to focus on something and read all about it. For example, a person could learn astrology during a Pluto transit to Mercury.  You’re likely to be drawn to darker topics though, and may very well become obsessed.

What happened when Pluto squared your Mercury?



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