Saturn in Aquarius will square Uranus in Taurus beginning in January of 2021. This is the next big thing. Clearly, structures will be upended. So will lives.

I have a number of clients with planets in the early degrees of Fixed signs, facing major upheaval on multiple fronts. I’ve had so many clients asking about this, I had to look ahead.

I was surprised to see these planets would be tightly square at the end of 2022.  Oh boy!  Here’s the info you’re probably looking for:

Saturn square Uranus, exact dates and degree:

@ 7 degrees on February 15, 2021.
@ 13 degrees on June 14, 2021.

Midsummer, 2020, Saturn will turn retrograde and go all the way back to 6 degrees. With Uranus around 14 degrees, we’ll see a gap or a reprieve around September through early November, 2021

The planets will square off again in December, 2021.  This clash will be maintained at varying intensity into October, 2022.

While there is not an “exact to the minute” square, Saturn and Uranus will be square off @ 18 degrees, October 1st through the 12th of 2022. Once that clears, things will resolve or settle.  These planets will not square off again until 2043.

Do you have a lot of planets in Fixed signs between 5 – 20 degrees? If so, you can expect to be profoundly impacted.  The idea this won’t affect you won’t is laughable. We’ve got four or five or even six planets in Fixed signs. You tell me how you’re going to stand unmoved through this tornado?

Also, if you were born around 1988; Saturn and Uranus were conjunct at that time. This square will set off your conjunction. I don’t think we’ll be bored!

Originally posted in June, 2020. This is right around the corner now. I thought it needed an update.

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