Uranus in Taurus turned direct today a six degrees. The planet will run to 12 degree degrees before turning retrograde in July, 2021.

Collectively speaking, you can expect things to speed up and take unexpected turns. You think it’s “set” but it’s not. Lightning strikes don’t take orders any of us little people!

If you have planets in Fixed signs around 8-14 degrees and you’re a bit bored, it’s not going to stay that way. Uranus will affect these degrees throughout the rest of 2021.

If your Fixed planets are between 0-6 degrees, this force is moving out. You should see things settle some.

Mars will be conjunct Uranus for the rest of the month. This will really hot things up, speed things up.

I can feel my heart pound. You?

Who’s got planets 8-14 degrees, Fixed?



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