Mars in Aries squared Pluto in Capricorn, exact on December 23rd, 2020.  This aspect is separating now but these planets will maintain tension for another ten days or so.  Capricorn represents structure and buildings. Pluto rules bombs and Mars is pointed, intentional, violent and tactical.

As Mars heads into Taurus, to eventually leave Pluto behind, the planet is closing a square with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. The Mars Saturn aspect in astrology has a bad reputation in astrology, for good reason.

It’s not that something good can’t come from the combination. It describes steely determination, courage and backbone. But it also tends to be cool, cruel and calculating. Aquarius is not known to be cuddly! None of this is exactly reassuring!

Further, once Mars ingresses into Taurus, it will be closing a conjunction with Uranus in the sign. This will increase the unpredictability factor.  The Mars Uranus combination describes surprise attacks but it’s also strongly associated with accidents.  This is definitely no time to try to make it through a light or such thing.  Remember Saturn will be squaring Mars and Uranus. Consequences can be beyond, merely harsh.

Per the title, Mars will be under pressure throughout January. The nature of the pressure will change as we go. Right now, Mars Pluto is most prominent.  The first week of January, Saturn will be more in play, with Pluto still active.

The second week of January, Mars will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus, squaring Mercury, Saturn and Mars. Please be careful in your cars. More on this as it comes in close.

The third week of January, the Mars Uranus square Jupiter and Saturn tension will be maintained. Mercury will slowly move out but the Sun will ingress into Aquarius, taking it’s place.

The fourth week of January through the end of the month, the Mars Uranus conjunction in Taurus will square the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.  This stuff will break up, early in February.

Remember, Mars represents raw male energy.  There is really nothing here to refine it in anyway so just be advised, caution is warranted. I hope you tell people. I say this because one of our friends was involved in car accident that killed a teenager on Christmas eve. Fluke snowstorm. She did not know how to drive in it and now it’s too late.


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